Bishop Sex Trial Delayed As Lawyers Abandon the Accused


What kind a sermon will RANDY FRASER preach this Sunday? How to have sex in Church...PART I.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press was livid and ballistic this week following the further delay of the BISHOP Randy Fraser debacle now played out in a Nassau courtroom.

We were so offended by the developments; it made us just short of hurling rocks, bottles, conch shells and expletives at the legal team representing the “Good Bishop” in this matter. To put it bluntly, following this week’s courtroom gymnastics, we do not know who should have been standing trial; the accused, Randy Fraser, his wife or his hotshot lawyer who failed to show.

Now get this, on Thursday Fraser in testimony said that the semen found on the Church carpet, [Lawd have mussie – acts of murder!], was not thrown there after having sex with the victim, but following episodes of sex with his wife. Fraser was on the witness stand this week and explained to the nation that sometimes he gets over excited and would keep his wife inside the church to have moments of “intimate pleasure”. Boy the Bishop “freaky” nah!

In his usual arrogant tone the former Child Protection Panel Officer told the court, “My office is my office. My office is also dubbed my home away from home.

“I have a wife and we would be intimate, it’s my office.” We thought this was the Church office to conduct church business not sex sessions.

The “Good Bishop” is such a hot potato; he concluded that he could not wait to reach home to commit his acts of benevolence on his wife. Now get this, this is the HOUSE OF GOD, the place of worship, the Temple Consecrated for the Most High, and the “GOOD BISHOP” simply decided to cut a sequel from the motion picture, ‘Adam and Eve’.

Could someone please tell BP why on this blessed Sunday morning, would a Bishop decide to perform BACK SHOTS on his wife in the sanctity of the church, just yards away from the area where she performs praise and worship? ‘VEL CALL DA BALICE!’ THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!!!

But if you think that was bad check this one out. The next day of testimony attorney for the accused failed to show up. That hotshot lawyer sends a junior lawyer to cover for him in a high profile case and guess what? She fails to appear.

Poor Fraser already caught with his pants down and semen on the floor, he began making demands to the judge to please not to continue the case without his hired attorney Wayne Munroe present. And here’s where our story gets interesting.

While Fraser was in his Egypt, wildly defending himself, his lawyer was recorded on Facebook monitoring BP and commenting on posts connected on the social network. Now what is THIS?

In a failed attempt to explain his absence to fans on Facebook, lawyer Munroe accepted praise for being one who should be clad in silk, and went on to explain why he was not in the courtroom on Friday. He noted that there were pressing office business he had to attend to and he had assigned a competent assistant to represent the “Good Bishop”.

Now get this, Wayne still did not express what that business was nor did he explain what was he doing on Facebook commenting while his client was left to defend himself on a serious charge.

Some have called the move an attempt to slow the wheels of Justice to a grinding halt. Is this an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? Is this a waste of the court’s time? Is this fair to the defendant? Someone must answer these questions.

Fraser is on trial for having a sexual relationship with a then 16 year-old dependent between July 2005 and February 2006.

Prosecutors in the case are presenting that the accused committed these acts on the victim several times during that period. She also alleges several sexual incidents occurred in the church and some before the divine service.

The case has been put off again until March 15th, 2011.




  1. Rev brought shame to his whole family, it was bad enough when he dragged his wife into this mess, now he getting the children mix up. Now they telling the court they is have sex in the same room with the children. Lord have mercy, these poor kids must be traumatized!! By the time this case is finish all of them will need counseling. If it is true and all of them is be in the room while he and his wife having sex, why didn‘t one of them clean the semen of the floor? They know God don’t reside in filthy places. Which lawyer representing these people, it can’t be Wayne Munroe, because I always say if I got into problems, I would want him defending me, If it is him, right now I am not too sure about that. I guess we will have to wait and see how this scandalplay out.

  2. @Kim Sands

    Typical response of those who can dish out scoulding but can’t take it. AGAIN, YOU DON’T MATTER IN THE EQUATION. Any post becomes everybody’s business (its called public forum), so if you want your view to be treated as “private” then only tell it to your closest friends.

    • Well Storm, it is nice to go away and return to the site and see what I have to share is indeed relevant to you, even if no one else seems to appreciate what I have to say, because you sure same to be enjoying responding to all my comments on this particular topic. Don’t get it twisted nah, I don’t have a problem with you responding to my comments, it just that you were the one saying I don’t fit into the equation, so I was wondering why you were wasting your time addressing me, unless you don’t have nothing better to do with your time. I know if I felt somebody’s contribution was not relevant to the issue, I would not be wasting my precious time addressing them, but I guess some people are just different in that aspect.

  3. @Kim Sands & smart kid

    Don’t get caught up in the details of the adultery because at the end of the day it is just an act of infidelity against his wife – period. This behavior should have given rise to a broader and deeper discussion about INTEGRITY AMONGST ALL PREACHERS.

    Follow me, Randy is instantly forgiven by the only person who matters, his wife, if he begs for and receives her forgiveness. All the rest of us don’t count in the equation. Sure it is a major blemish on him publicly, but BREAKING THE MARRIAGE VOW THROUGH ADULTERY IS THE ONLY SIN here. And if his wife forgives him and God forgives him, that ends the matter (as far as God is concerned). We who go on and on and on in our condemnation of him then put ourselves at risk of sinning (stupidly I might add) before God through bitterness at a person. The scriptures say it this: IF I REGARD INIQUITY IN MY HEART GOD WILL NOT HEAR ME (hear my prayers). Or, perhaps it hits home to you from this verse in the model prayer given to Jesus’ disciple “AND FORGIVE US THIS DAY, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US …” My point is this is a husband and wife matter. How many husbands have done the same thing, sometimes the wife never found out, sometimes the wife found out but forgave him, and some fathered children while commiting adultery, and are still married, because the wife has forgiven them. I hope people in any of these predictaments did not negatively comment on this situation, because that would be hypocrisy. Now on to a more important point.

    I would rather sit under Randy NOW than under those who deliberately teach false doctrines with the clear motive of enriching themselves. The false promises and doctrines taught, so called prophesied, and prayed for fulfillment of, are doing far greater damage in the lives of those unsuspecting souls who occupy the pews. At least in Randy’s case the damage is confined to Randy, his wife and the girl. When these “jokers” tell lies to persuade hard-working people to “sow seeds” they effect more people than that. We know that many of them are compromised, to the extent that they lobby the government for Crown Land to build churches, then turn around and sell the land as housing subdivisions. Many more get taxi plates and omni bus franchise licences, all to speak well about the politicians. The politicians regard them as having influence over US, thus they play along in the game of deceit. This is what I believe should be discussed. These preachers are living the life of Riley while those who support their lavish lifestyles are struggling daily.

    • Oh Really Storm? You always have people on these blog who feel they are in authority to dictate to others as to what they should say on these blogs, but last time I checked you don’t have ownership rights over my views. Just like how you are here summing me up and coming to some stupid conclusion that I am here condemning someone, I am here expressing my views just like you. Try see if you can make your point and leave me out of your business, if you please. Like you have stated, I don’t matter in the equation, so why waste time address me? That simply doesn’t make any sense to me, just like the explanation the Rev give for his semen being on the floor in the church.

    • I don’t agreed with you here ! frist one has to confess there sin in order to be forgiven the damage is not just confined to those plp , as a child of God we are life should be a mirrow an open book nothing hidden that can’t be revile (Gal6:7)Be not deceived: god is not a mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  4. Sands i with you on this one. The girl knew what happened because it was her in the church office wit him. She is telling the truth people. Prosecution get your act together. Furthermore Fraser wife ain good lookin for him to get excited like dat in the HOME AWAY FROM HOME. She better tell da truth. Oh LORD bring him to confess his sins before it is a day too late.

    • Blind Blake and Ray Charles would have been able to see through these webs of lies. I sympathize with the wife and the accuser. The wife because I can’t begin imagine what she must be going through and now to have her husband further tarnishing her image on the top of that it cant be easy on her and the accuser, because she was still a minor during the time the allege incidents was said to have taken place.

  5. Maaan, you now dis guy not guilty big time, it the others in church fault, he aint got much head and congregation bought him a shag pile carpet and he tink I know what to do wid shag pile. you ???? on it.

  6. It is going to be interesting to see if the Rev’s wife is going to stand by him and help out of this mess he managed to get himself into. I know one damn thing if I was the wife and it wasn’t me who caused him to ejaculate on the rug in the church office , I wasn’t lying for him. Some of these Revs too wicked and they need to be held accountable for their wicked actions. No sir, I wasn’t sinning my soul for him. He done cheat on me and now he trying to bring me down with him and make me look slack on top of that. I am sorry I wouldn’t have been able to help him. How am I supposed to be able to go back and worship with those people? Even if they don’t call to take the stand in court, I feel I owe my church members and the general public an explanation. They deserve to know it wasn’t me who was getting it on in the church office and caused him to mess up the carpet in there because I respect the house of God way too much for that. These church members normally take good care of their pastors and they want them to live comfortably. I don’t think they would want them to be doing that in the church. Two to one, they have a big bed at home and the most expensive and lavish bedroom set which the members paid for and he can’t wait until he gets home to deal with his sexual urges and show his wife some type of respect? According to him he making it seems as if this was something they did on a regular basis in the church and whether this is true or not he really making both he and his wife appear to be slack in the eyes of the public. I could see if he said this happen one time, things got a little heated in there one evening and they did it in there and t they vow to never do that there again, it just didn’t feel right doing it there, but instead he boosted about it being his home away from home. What I want know is how his accuser knew he came on the rug? You think she heard him and his wife in there and then she used the info to frame him? Send his hip to jail one time, he too stupid and slack. He is a danger too society and does not deserve to be on the street.

  7. All I haved to say is NASSSTTTTYYYY!!!! Atleast if his victim does not get closure from the trial, hopefully since the public knows who this man really is, this should help to bring her some solice AND MAYBE A PEICE OF MIND. But again NASSSTTTYYYY!!!!

  8. Hey guys give the good Rev a break. Maybe he gets too excited, and there’s no time to aim his “one” shot pistol, much less reload it. You’d be surprised whom doing whom in offices of all kind, all over this town of ours. When they say the boss is not in, he/she is either in, or taking someone’s notes.

  9. First of all, semen on the carpets or whatever is only proof that a male ejaculated; into who is the issue. In any event, a case this serious should never have been heard in the Magistrates Court. That was the first mistake. If this matter was in the Supreme Court it would have been resolved one way or another a long time ago. Look for a mistrial and lost files!!

  10. You people ought to be a shamed of yourselves!!!! Haven’t your mothers taught you people anything? Where are the examples? Y’all walk around acting like you’re holier than everyone else but guess what…? Your shit stinks!!!!SMH!!!

  11. This is such a sad situation. All I want to say to my Bahamian people is to start spending quality time with God; get to know him for yourself and to hell with this so called manmade church crap. I am so over it!

    Give your 10pct to a family in need or blessed someone that can really use a blessing.

    I guess what I am saying is stop going to church and be it.

    Love you all…..!

  12. i said all along one of that girl brothers shoul have maimed him just chap him one so that everytime he looks in the mirrow he would see and be reminded of what he has done.because you know what he will get of free you can take that to the bank.

  13. Its a real big SHAME that he refuses to confess, and repent! What kind of a person would want to have sex in a church, what’s going on in their mind, have they no reverence? It’s more normal to believe that if a man has sex with his wife he most likely will ejaculate inside her, and not have to worry about anything; but if he’s having sexual relations with a female who is not his wife he will more than likely pull out during or when he’s about to ejaculate hoping to not create a child with the female who is not his wife. So then of course by stroking the penis vigorously this will cause semen to fly and land almost anywhere.

  14. Who knows what really happened in that office. If Randy “Backshot Dat” Fraser is telling the truth I guess it will be revealed or not.

  15. It’s a disgrace that this criminal will drag his wife and daughter into this ****. He is grasping at straws now and is prepared to pull anyone down with him. Thank God I am not a member of his church because this shameless Gangster might even frame me.

  16. @Crystal
    Offences like this one that involves Randy Fraser provide a perfect “opening” for those who HATE GOD to project that HATRED OF GOD by identifying a man, any man, who has the same human weaknesses that WE ALL HAVE, and hurling the most outrageous insults at them. Thereby relieving themselves of the pent-up bitterness towards God. I know of some homosexuals who are in a STATE OF GLEE watching this unfold. Am I supporting Randy frazer or anyone else like him, absolutely not. But also, I refuse to embrace “dribble” from the mouth of those who have a hidden agenda and play the emotions of the moment to advance that agenda. Since you project yourself as a bible scholar of sorts, may I direct your attention to ACTS where then Saul (who after his Chtistian conversion renamed himself Paul) was abalaze with hatred, desiring to persecute “those of that way” (Believers in Jesus Christ). Jesus appeared to him and asked Saul why he (Saul) was persecuting HIM, HIM, HIM (scholar). JESUS IDENTIFIED HIMSELF AS THE BELEIVERS AND WITH THE BELIEVERS. NOTICE, JESUS DID NOT SAY TO SAUL, WHY ARE YOU PERSECUTING THEM. (should you pretend to be slow) JESUS SAID IN ESSENCE THE BELEIVERS ARE TO BE TREATED THE SAME WAY THAT ONE TREATS GOD (take up any issue you have with this request with him, Jesus). ALL men should be merciful and ALWAYS demonstrate love (especially those inclined to sin, especially that kind). IS THAT WHY HE SAID “… THE LEAST THAT YOU DO UNTO THESE MY BRETHREN, YOU HAVE DONE IT UNTO ME.” EVERYTHING SAID, EVERY WORD WRITTEN (in the bible) came by way of MEN WHO EVEN AFTER CONVERSION AND DEVOION TO GOD AT THE HIGHEST LEVL STILL SINNED. “LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE” (you are playing a dangerous game). When I read this story my first response was to think about my own shortcomings (which are not illegal like Randy’s, but it will take me straight TO HELL ANYWAY, and being mindful that I could compound my situation by denouncing his (it’s called hypocrisy, Scholar) I decided to be constrained in my comments. How about recommending that prayers be offered for those who once held this man in high regard as a pastor or spiritual leader (can you imagine the taunting). History shows that many simply “fall away” from their faith in God in the face of such public ridicule of them. Or is that what you want and deliberately contributed towards? In closing, the same bible that you have used as an offensive weapon against others also says “JUDGEMENT WITHOUT MERCY WILL BE SHOWN TO THOSE WHO DO NOT DISPLAY MERCY.” What does that mean, Scholar?

  17. randy…. blind blake could see through that lie! chief, you have no balls. even if it was you wife you should NEVER have called her name. you are the scum of this earth!

  18. Coming on Mr Randy “Bigsexer” Fraizer please tell the public the truth about what happened on that blessed day that you couldnt wait to get home. Thats all we are waitng to hear. “THE TRUTH” It will set you free. You had a nice big sloppy kiss, then you nipples sucked,YESSS! then she went down and L….. the lollipop, then it all ended up in the backed up mode right? It is obvious that it was good because you C…… YES? the semen remembered ok. So what are you hiding?

  19. I am convinced alot of our so call pastors are influenced by demonic forces. They will not adresse this issue for it is tooo sensitive. But people are being misled from the pulpit. They are given a screwed up message from the pulpit from persons who are not inlined with GOD, ye who old pastoral positions. The Bible spreaks about these people:

    Mat 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
    Mat 24:12 And because iniquity [lawlessness] shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

    2 Pet 2:1 [NIV] But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them–bringing swift destruction on themselves.

    2 Pet 2:2 [NIV] Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.

    2 Pet 2:3 [NIV] In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

    1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    You ahve to be careful of all these pastors for they have a cultish brotherhood, where they stick by each other even when they KNOW IT IS WRONG. But we have to admit that before these SO CALLED pastors were made pastors THEY WERE MEN…and some of them are exactly that SINFUL MEN who are able to avoid church clothes. If it Barks like a dogs and acts like a dog with trashy acts and statements. IT IS A BLINKING DOG…depite that fact that it says amen and can afford church clothes and stands on a pulpit.

    • Crystal you describe that demon to a ‘T’!! Look at his picture and tell me you don’t see spirits looking back at you?
      God has a special judgement for these wicked people that abuse the innocent and lead his flock astray…All I can pray for is that he openly repents cause God Almighty will be swift with his justice!

  20. Quite frankly, I feel the reason why the Bishop said that it was semem from sex with his wife…is beacuse I think by law you cannot call a wife to testify against a husband. I think that is why he said that because they cannotput her on the witness stand.

  21. I hope what he said about his wife is true, and she heard that, because if not, then she knows NOW it was not her on the floor. I would rebuke that devil. She can’t be that naive. For the simple fact he got himself all mixed up in something like this, his suitcase would have been to the door long time. You could only do wrong for so long. What you do in the dark will come to light, God don’t like ugly. Making a fool out of that woman. smt.

    • She will probablt LIE to cover for him for other Baptist ministers dictate to her what to do. They tell her to go home and support her husband. She probably will be a puppet. That is just why if she convers she deserves the embarrassment. IT IS JUST SO SICKENING the foolishness that goes on in the name of the LORD then they want to call on GOD. The churche office is not is brothel. sexual acts should not be perform anywhere in the vicinity of GODS place or OFFICE. Regardless if it is with a prostitute or WIFE. If it is okay for him to have sex in the churches office..why stop they Mr. Frasier you might as well have a show and tell and have sex sunday morning on the PULPIT. NASTY BIBLE TOTING DOG!!!!

  22. @ sexy caramel, are u a victim also??? speak up against these wicked men of shits. Its has always been a thing, it is only now coming to light….WHERE IS THE BCC PRESIDENT and his officers??? Mr. Pastor P.Paul….i guess he watching who playing numbers today

  23. DNA evidence is virtually IRREFUTABLE in the court of law. He couldn’t explain that away so any good attorney would then adivse him that he needs to present a PLAUSIBLE SCENARIO.

    Yes I had sex in my office but it was with my wife.

    The story adjusts as evidence is unveiled and that’s why today people find it hard to trust him. Why didn’t he present these so called facts at the very beginning? Was he just now able to talk his wife into lying for him? If she is lying to cover him she is as much of a disgrace as he is!!!!

  24. @ child of the 60s
    This is a freaky situation indeed but the semen in the church must be accounted for.I have stayed out of this situation as I realise that the devil has returned to earth and seems to be mashing up Gods anointed.The Christian church needs to call a symposium to deal with matters like this.Do others see a similarity with what the victim said and what the Bishop said?The young victim claimed she had sex in church with him either before a sermon or meeting or after church.What about the many gifts?most women only get these at xmas,birthday,mothers day,easter,but the youngster all the time.I wonder who is preaching at that church this morning?Will the wife attend church today?Children are embarassed when their parents lock their bedroom door and rarely see their parents kissing,now we find that Bishop was engaged with his wife on the ground.Lord pray for us and Bishop and as we have all sinned.

    • Maybe if more of the christians would stop acting like sex and intimacy are so bad they could have an open relationship with their children where they could discuss these facts of life and arm their children with the tools to say no and tell mom and dad when a sick piece of crap like this so-called bishop tries to molest them. No, instead ya’ll pretend we didn’t all get here by the act of sex and make it secretive and “bad” and then we are all surprised when girls get pregnant and children cannot speak up when they are molested. Sex is a natural part of life and good parents will start discussing it with their children very early right around that age when molesters are trying to get near children. Start at 5 or earlier. Knowledge is power and all the praying in the world doesn’t and will not stop these kinds of incidents and the high teen pregnancy rate. Let’s just all grow up.

  25. Grinding your wife on the church floor?Oh Lord forgive him as the truth can be seen in the statement.Maybe thats why Munroe is ducking as he cannot stomach what he is hearing.The Attorney representing the Bishop is really sick as he recognises that to continue with this defence could ruin any political ambition he might have.If you grind your wife in your car, office or in the sea every jungalist will receive the same treatment.The victims story has more credibility based on what the Bishop said.If the wife testifies the prosecution is likely to call rebuttal witnesses in the persons of students who made allegations sometime ago.I say to the wife please dont do it,as every freak is likely to target you.Please,please save other young women from embarassment.God forgives but your fellow men and women dont.

  26. the purpose of this trial is to show how we can all do what we like but not for as long as we like. sexing in the office leads to a cow storming into the santuary demanding money and disrupting the service. the grounds was open to demonic activities so the devil had legal grounds to bring this to the open. all of you who hold offices being in the public light know that your numbers will be called and likewise you too would not escape the wrath of God who is not mocked. If Frazier is innnocent he would do good to plead for a release of this curse he actually brought on himself for opening the door for demons to enter into that church and ruin a place where worship is to be revered. for all of you in high places in government, private sector as well your sins will find you out as well. all secrets have already been uncovered.

  27. It is not the judgment of our courts that Fraser needs to fear but rather the wrath of an angry God…but then I doubt if he really believes in God.
    Its a business baby, its a business.


  28. What minister would put their wife or their “First Lady” on the church office floor for the national and international press. Such a disgrace to the Full Gospel Ministry!

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