Left to Right – Ms. Rowena Bethel, Moderator and Member of the UN Committee of Experts in Public Administration (CEPA); Leon Williams, CEO for BTC and Mr. Luis Guillot, Huawei Technologies Company Limited.

Nassau, The Bahamas. February 28, 2017. Last week, CEO Leon Williams was a guest speaker at the United Nations, Small Island Developing States symposium at the Melia Hotel.

CEO Williams spoke on the importance of planning for the country. During his presentation, Mr. Williams noted that “The Government of The Bahamas built a submarine cable that connects fourteen islands through a self-healing ring. During hurricanes Joaquin and Matthew there were no submarine cable failures. BTC is now building out fiber to the home, starting in the family islands so that no one is left behind. We are also beta testing prepaid electricity in Spanish Wells. All of BTC’s capital projects and initiatives are integrated into the country’s national development plan.”

Rowena Bethel, moderator for the event and Member of the UN Committee of Experts in Public Administration (CEPA) said, “What has been refreshing is that all of the presentations is clearly the commitment of the private sector to partner with government to ensure that no one is left behind, recognizing that at the end of the day it’s not necessarily about the bottom line, but about ensuring that real solutions are developed that meet real world needs”
The UNSIDS Conference was held at the Melia Hotel last week. CEO Leon Williams was one of several speakers for the event.

“The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development pledges to “Leave No One Behind” and calls for special attention to SIDS, and the unique vulnerabilities in their sustainable development.”