Businessman with wife and 11 concubines on Eleuthera sexually assaults young woman…Islandgals beware!


NASSAU| A store owner on the island of Eleuthera a few months ago sexually assaulted a young clerk who was recently hired at that operation. 

The heinous crime went unreported at the time. However, we are learning it has now become a sexual assault investigation where the businessman forced himself on the young woman against her will.

The incident had to be reported after the young woman was physically attacked by the same man she was sexually assaulted by after he got the news that she was in a love affair with another male. Well, what is this?

But get this: the Sugardaddy has his wife and about 11 concubines who all appear not to have the beauty and grace of the young gal who he sexually assaulted.

Young gals in the land of Freedom must know that there is a dangerous businessman on the loose on the island. We believe he might know why some young women have gone missing and police should leave no stone unturned. 

Just know BP is watching!

We report yinner decide!