Cabinet approves salary for new Director of Road Traffic but now cannot assure Leon Bethel his pension will be attached!


Bethel warned PM Minnis that, if his pension is not included in his salary, he is not interested in the job!

Leon Bethel.

Nassau – The Cabinet has a problem. Bahamas Press is learning a decision to appoint Leon ‘Da General’ Bethel as Director of Road Traffic has been stopped according to technocrats in the Public Service Commission. And here’s the problem.

Bethel now enjoys a handsome pension from the public purse as former Assistant Commissioner of Police. To collect both his Pension and Road Traffic salary would be deemed illegal and against the conventions of the system.

However, Prime Minister Hon. Hubert Minnis went against his promise on the campaign trail, in which he assured that under his administration retirees would not be double dipping. In complete opposite to that promise Minnis’ Cabinet approved Bethel’s appointment to Road Traffic, which would also include his pension. Bethel has assured the administration that he would not accept the position if he cannot also enjoy his pension.

Now, with the Public Service Commission telling the PM and Cabinet ya can’t break the law, a major problem has developed.

Will PM Minnis go against his word about appointing pensioners into positions while allowing them to double dip? Will he deliver to Bethel what he promised? Or will the PM follow the law and his word with the Bahamian people?

Boy, I tell ya – It really boils down to…a matter of trust!

We report yinner decide!