Male fatally shot on Wilson Track tonight records the 18th homicide for the year and fourth since Friday….


Fourth murder in just five days…

Homicide victim Cordero Pedican 21 of Wilson Tract.

Nassau – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms we have another homicide in the country, the 18th for the year and the fourth for the week.

Homicide detectives we are learning are presently on scene of another horrific and bloody homicide at Wilson Track (The street at the rear of Kelly’s Lumber Yard) just off East Street.

BP has identified tonight’s victim as 21-year-old, Cordero Pedican, of the area. He died on the scene being shot multiple times.

Just on the weekend D’Siorn Symonette, 29, and Rashad Bethel, 27 became victims of a spree of senseless killings on Saffron Street in Pinewood Gardens. The 16th and 17th homicide victims were playing a innocent game of cards and were not involved in any nefarious activity. Both were decent hardworking men jobs. What is this?

Well some says, crime is not down, but we know crime reporting is down as ZNS has yet to report any of these incidents which occurred in Pinewood over the weekend.

We report yinner decide!