Cabinet changes to be announced…General Election to be held mid 2011


johndelaneyphotobis-copy<<< New Attorney General of the Bahamas, John Delaney QC.

Nassau, Bahamas — News now coming into our newsroom confirms a special announcement by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on Cabinet appointments is expected anytime soon.

On Friday a special called staff meeting at Higgs & Johnson by partner, John Delaney QC, bid staffers at the firm farewell confirming that he intends to take up the post as Attorney General in the government. Delaney was recently appointed Queen Counsel.

Bahamas Press was also reliably informed that Delaney’s contract with the government will be for 1 1/2 years, which signals a sign that a general elections could be called by middle 2011.bethelcarlfnmconv09

Prime Minister advised FNMs to meet him in the same hotel next year, 2010, which means the FNM will be ready for battle following that final convention.

Carl Bethel has hit the ground running as chairman opening a Facebook logon page asking FNMs the question, “Can you hear us now?” The page invites supporters around the country to text, email or post their concerns directly Bethel for quick action. Bethel was fired from the Cabinet on last week by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. Bethel we know was the worst minister of education the country has ever seen in the history of the department.


  1. @Sexy

    “To see however that there is no new taxes and alot of Capital works going on lends Credit to sucessive Governments on the management of Government affairs”.
    Now this is what I call an impartial view and debunks the charge by some on this blog that the last Christie Govt did nothing.Thank God for the visionb of Sir Lynden in establishing National Insurance. Papa relishes in saying that he is the steady hand at the wheel but give credit to his successors who put the economy in such a strong position.If not for stop,review,cancel and victimise the country would be in a very stronger financial position.

  2. Whatever the case maybe, I think Hubert Ingraham is holding the wheel with steady hands during this global crisis.
    I just return from a Six month Training in Detroit and their Local districts is actuall laying off Police and Teachers. WOW!
    To see however that there is no new taxes and alot of Capital works going on lends Credit to sucessive Governments on the management of Government affairs.
    As for Elections, I predict August 19th 2011.

  3. @N C L Smith
    It is appalling that with all of the faults of this Govt. that some persons can still praise them with a straight face.Shame on you!!!!You must be a Consultant who is getting sweetness while other Bahamians have to resort to playing numbers and selling phone cards to survive.You FNM supporters better tune into 105.9 and hear what Ian Strachan who supported the FNM in 2007 is saying.He to has seen the light.

  4. 2012 is the time for Gedneral; Elections so all of these superficial changes mean nothing as the FNM will lose New Providence 20 to 1.The FNM got no bounce from their convention and to add insult to injury one of their biggest Union Leader supporter walked out of the convention even before PAPA was finished his speech.Try as hard as they like the Govt is hapless to get us out of this myriad of problems they willingly created.they think we stupid eh?Who gives a hell when the Gen Elections are held,because Bahamians have already tuned out the FNM Govt.I hope my friend Carl hears that.

  5. boy Hubert always get you guys.. guessing… LOL… but any how.. Hubert Is always ready… wait watch and see…

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