Cabinet Minister gets in accident on airport road – What was on his mind?


The MP who collected money for a constituency office in South Beach, while the office is stll closed. NO Damn SHAME! Phenton "NOMORE" Neymour.

Minister leaves the scene of a traffic accident

Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press this afternoon confirms that another traffic mishap has occurred on the airport road –  just after the victim saw a billboard of the Prime Minister.

Now get this, the victim in this mishap is a  Cabinet Minister and the MP for South Beach: Phenton Neymour.

According to reports deep on the OPM, Neymour had just passed a billboard of the PM this afternoon when his blue-plate government car slammed into the car of a 20-year-old.

We can report the MP was in a rush for something, perhaps to catch a flight, and was the motorist causing harm to the young 20-year-old’s car.

We can report, frantic that he would not reach his destination in time, Neymour made a call to a senior in the government who ordered officers to the scene of the mishap and had the government’s car carried by a wrecker.

The young 20-year-old was left bewildered as his car was left smashed up. We can tell you the minister then left the scene of the accident without any investigations carried out by police. Remember they changed the law so no one needs to stay at the scene of a mishap anymore.

All we at BP could say is this: WE DELIVER!

Papa Clown Posters and Billboards wreaking havoc with the lives of Bahamians.

We report yinner decide!