Cabinet Minister shocked at Speaker Moultrie’s Behaviour in Parliament last week…


Nassau – A senior Cabinet Minister in the Minnis Government was shocked by Speaker Halson Moultrie’s disdain of women and didn’t want to speak in support of the Chair following his rant at the opposition last week.

The MP began quoting scriptures, calling for mercy and justice, while he reluctantly supported Speaker Moultrie’s attack and abuse of women.

The Cabinet Minister had recently ‘big-up’ a young hot tomale in his department, after a late night rendezvous in the office. The young gal is known around town for her dangerous gymnastic abilities inside and outside the bedroom.

Sources tell us the couple plans to name the child a biblical name, which he hopes will follow his deep Christian views.

Meanwhile, the Parliament met briefly this morning where the motion of No Confidence in the Speaker will be put to the Parliament on Ash Wednesday [Feb. 14th].

We report yinner decide!