Cabinet Minister used police to protect wealthy family through private business!

Minister Marvin Dames and PM Hubert Minnis

NASSAU| National Security Minister Marvin Dames is reportedly forcing police officers to guard a wealthy couple.

The Minister provided security for the Sillerman family through his private firm prior to the 2017 general election.

And the high net worth family donated $1 million to the Free National Movement’s election campaign.

Although Dames is now a Cabinet Minister, he’s continued his business relationship with the Sillermans—but he’s allegedly using public resources to do it.

As the Minister with oversight of the Police Force, Dames has abused his position to ensure that officers from the Security Intelligence Branch (SIB) guard the Sillermans when they are in town.

The SIB officers spend long hours with the Sillermans and are even required to go on their fishing trips.

Could the $1 million donation be considered a bribe for police protection?