Cable Bahamas’ New Mobile Company Can’t Find the Money


Nassau, Bahamas – In late July we were caught off guard by the bold request of the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority [URCA] to BTC to play fair with Cable Bahamas’ mobile company NewCo when it comes to roaming.

These days the regulator, who supported CBL to have a mobile license, is begging BTC to compromise on how long it will allow the Cable Company to use its expensive network. Now this is incredible! Unbelievable!

And this is interesting because everyone could see from the towers on the ground collecting dust and garbage that Cable Bahamas is broke when it comes to setting up its mobile infrastructure.

From what we know, NewCo will have to ride on the backs of BTC’s nationwide network while telling the country that it is better than the oldest communication provider. This can’t be real!

The Bahamian people have seen this game before when Cable Bahamas used transmission devices out of The Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas while selling its service to the Bahamian People and raking in millions. What a FRAUD!

Lately, though, THE REGULATOR [URCA] has demanded that BTC make its network available for Cable for a 24-month period. The question we have is this: Why is URCA speaking with persons in the press? The move confirms that the regulator is “highly unprofessional” in its public dialogue. Imagine a judge in the Bahamas hauling over to the Tribune every morning to discuss cases before his /her presiding over them in court. What is that?

This is not the way independent regulators negotiate technical matters. Look what we in the Bahamas have come to!

The real problem here appears to be with URCA! It has lost its independent position to adjudicate matters and is now seen as compromised by its language posted in the dailies.

Who grants a license to a company to operate something, and then later finds that the new mobile provider is scrapping and hustling for cash? And, at the same time, has no solid infrastructure to support its dream of becoming what it desires to be?

And why should BTC be ordered to meet Cable Bahamas anywhere in the street except to collect cuta#@? URCA has lost its mind!

The Bahamian people must question these decisions now being played out in our national conversations, asking why is it “The Regulator” [URCA] is not showing fairness and is wickedly making demands on behalf of Cable Bahamas in the press?

Cable Bahamas should be made to meet its obligations and stand on its own without using anyone’s signal or infrastructure, especially from its competing provider.