Cable Bahamas’ NewCO not ready for mobile and refuses to build networks across Grand Bahama and the Bahamas!


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Freeport, Bahamas – The fallout deep inside NewCo the sister company of Cable Bahamas has already begun and from the looks of things it appears that the public is once again about to get “swing” by CBL.

Your Bahamas Press, which is always on top of these things, can prove that Cable Bahamas is not prepared to present a nationwide product with infrastructure across the country.

Just last week deep in the community of Grand Bahama the NewCo Cable Bahamas Digicel personality, Damian Blackburn, was pleading with investors in Freeport to take a look at their product.

Blackburn, with new work permits, stood alongside a new cell tower built in the city of Freeport for the event. Bahamas Press was there and, boy, all we can say is what a joke. After sitting in the bush for two years with all of the dog and cat piss sprayed all over it, the tower was shockingly pointed towards the sky.

However, what made us laugh about the launch, though, was the fact that the cell tower had no power connected to it. Cable Bahamas couldn’t even live up to its famous line “Turn us on” as the tower stood bare [just the shell]. The tower on display was asking for power from the local power company, and there were no real visible connections wiring up the tower! So what was on display during the press event? Cat and dog piss erected in the air on steel. What a joke!

Cable Bahamas has had a hard time getting to this point, though, as little money has come its way for the mobile project. Hundreds of ordinary shareholders had to be told don’t look for anything in the bank this year, and raising capital for the new mobile project has been like piling heavy rocks on one’s head.

The news though gets worse. Bahamas Press has uncovered how CBL only plans to post 22 cell towers in all of Grand Bahama. The towers will only be concentrated in the Freeport city community while East and West end residents will have no chance to ride on NewCo’s poorly built network!

Cable hopes to use its same “Abandon and Neglect” policy with its mobile product as it did in the Cable service and not put in place the proper infrastructure to cover the entire Bahamas.
Recently in press articles URCA, the regulator, was hoping to make demands for BTC to share its towers with Cable, but now we at BP know why.

However, one thing has not changed in the country; Your Bahamas Press is here to educate, inform and show yinner as the WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas continues to dribble and pee bed!

We report yinner decide!