Cable Bahamas set to rake in more money from Bahamians…WE NEED CHANGE!


Cable Bahamas Just tell me they are coming to my area to place a digital box for my basic cable service. NOW This sounds fishy. How much will I pay each month for a box to view BASIC CABLE? What will be the cost to get the box for three TV sets in my house? WHAT KIND A MESS IS THIS NOW? MORE MONEY FOR WHAT? SMT!!!


  1. Only God can help Bahamians now. All this mess going on in this country and some of us still hate to admit the truth. Come on Bahamas lets start making people accountable and stop giving these politicians the feeling that them and their families are more important than us.

  2. It will cost you $150 per TV set (one time payment for the box to hook up to your TV.) That is what is paid already in the new subdivisions that were developed with digital cable connection installation. It is not cheap!!

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