Carl Bethel attacks Hubert Ingraham and says he's a Cecil Wallace Whitfield FNM


Carl Bethel-FIREDToday at 8:26am
The Editor 12th March 2010
Nassau, Bahamas

Dear Sir/Madam

The Punch, in an obvious and sustained campaign of character assassination, continues to propagate outright lies about me.

In the Thursday 11th March 2010 edition of The Punch, this pattern of attack has been repeated and expanded.

The Punch has continued to misrepresent the achievements of my tenure as Minister of Education. For the record, I was the Minister who conceived of, and set up, the Sexual Complaints Unit in the Ministry of Education, with the hardworking members of my staff, not Minister Desmond Bannister, as was untruthfully claimed in The Punch.

The Sexual complaints Unit was set up at my command when it became clear that the ministry had no institutional mechanism, or capacity, to appropriately and expeditiously investigate all complaints involving alleged sexual misconduct by teachers and support staff in our schools.

While some commentators (and the Parliamentary Select Committee) were apparently more concerned about the right “Public Relations”, I as Minister was much more concerned to ensure that the correct response capacity was put in place in the Ministry to ensure a safe environment for students in every school in The Bahamas. That achievement is among other positive initiatives which I left for Minister Bannister and every succeeding Minister of Education, and for the benefit of generations of Bahamian students to come.

Further, at no time did I ever ask to re-join, or even so much as hint to anyone, that I was interested in re-joining the Cabinet. In fact, had I been asked to re-join the Cabinet in any capacity, at this time, I would have refused for the same reasons that I decided to resign from it in November 2009 namely, that the Party needed a Chairman to help prepare it for the next general elections.

As a “Cecil Wallace-Whitfield FNM” who was present at the very foundation of the Party at Spring Hill Farms, I learned from him the need, sometimes, to sacrifice “position” in order to ensure the best prospects for electoral success of the Party.

In the same vein I resigned from Cabinet in order to do everything in my power to help my Party prepare for the next general elections which, if we were to judge by the closeness of the margins in the Elizabeth bye-elections, will be an important function.

Those reasons have not changed, and I am not interested in returning to Cabinet until that job is done.

Yours Sincerely,

Carl W. Bethel,
MP for Sea Breeze Constituency

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Carl was at the inception of the party at Spring Hill Farms. BP would remind our readers and educate our young readers that Spring Hill Farms was owned by Jimmy Shepard and home base for the FNM goons squad in the early 70s.

The goons squad members like, Scaboo Newton, resided at Spring Hill Farms and launched his attacks from that very same compound. Just to give those of you who don’t know where Spring Hill Farms is, Elma Chase -Campbell has her residence on part of the estate on Fox Hill Road just north of the traffic light on Prince Charles Drive. Plenty ghost resides at that estate.

This is what you get for attacking Hubert Ingraham Carl and we at BP will drag out the goon squad in short order!

Carl you would see is now fighting back after his firing from the Ingraham Cabinet in November last year.

Bahamas Press/Editor


  1. Persons should also note ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ gave Hubert not credit for his political thinking. Boy this is a time.


  2. Mr. Ivan Johnson has exposed Car Bethell as the greatest fabricator living in the Bahamas today.
    I believe this is why he was fired from the Cabinet.
    It’s obvious to anyone who has sense that he was FIRED from the Cabinet,
    and his leaving the Cabinet was for no NOBLE reason.
    But the Stories he tells are so ridiculous any one with a sense of history would kill themselves laughing.
    1) He calls himself a “Cecil Wallace Whitfield FNM”…A TOTAL BOLD FACED LIE….He and his FAMILY were founding Leaders of the BDP…sworn to the destruction of CECIL WALLACE WHITFIED and the FNM.
    2)  He claims to have been present at the very foundation of the Party at Spring Hill Farms.
          Most decisions to break away from the PLP and eventually form the FNM did indeed occur at Spring Hill Farms in 1970 thru 1971.
    3)  Carl Bethell was born in JULY 1961….which means he was a boy of 8 or 9…during these decisions and tagging along with his mother.  In those tumultuous times can we really believe that Cecil had the time to explain to a 8 year old boy “the need, sometimes, to sacrifice “position” in order to ensure the best prospects for the electoral success of the party.”???
                                                                                                  The Watchman

    • Look at what PAPA causing now as he has Carl so scared of not getting a nomination he is lying and trying to appear as being tough.I cried where I laughed so much as poor Carl wants to tell PAPA something but he scared.Thanks for the pointers watchman as indicators point to total madness in the FNM at this time. 

  3. …but Carl loved the Punch and it’s Editor(Johnson) back when he helped them win those general elections. I didn’t hear Carl calling Johnson bad names when he was punching out Perry and the PLP on their(FNM) behalf, did you? I didn’t read the story in the Punch that Carl is crying about but whatever they had to say about Carl, I believe every word of it. If you want to be accepted as a credible person, you must be credible. And for God sake send BP a decent photo of your carcass; this one is ridiculously UGLY.

  4. Dats why tommy put him on blast when that incident went down over at the marina village concerning them kids that get dropped off by they  parents and left unattended to roam around and play man and woman and do god knows what in them dark nooks and crannys of that place. i know i have wittnessed with my own two eyes certain pot yellow bellied persons comin to pick up his offspring who was left there unattended on lil play dates with girls in that blue toyota jeep. But yet he wan talk smack about the gorilla. please carl! go clean up your own act before you try to badmouth someone cuz u gat major issues of ur own to deal with. das why pappa fire him.  they know papa dont play wit them.

  5. So what this big pot yellow belly man talkin about again? why dont he just jump off the bridge or somethin. As much as i despise the amazonian gorilla carl ain ain no spot to be pointin finger at no one but he damn self.  If he think its still a secret that he used that lil bit of stripes he had back then sweep that rape case under the carpet at that ivy league highschool that a certain family member of his attended and was literaly caught with his pants down he is sadly mistaken. GOD DONT SLEEP CARL.

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