WHO KNEW Keisha Thurston was suicidal? PT 3



Nassau, Bahamas — This weekend was not a good one for BP. Two young beautiful girls, who possessed all the benefits of having a prosperous life have slipped from time into eternity. The times we live in nowadays in the Bahamas have brought us to this point of reflection and suffers us to memorize that life is fragile and with its fragility comes no promise for tomorrow to any man.

The weekend for us especially was not good as a young aspiring 18 yearold was laid in her final resting place. Young KeishaThurstonthe would-be Mathematics educatordecided not to journey on the painful road of life anymore and, therefore, she end her life.

Bahamas Press took vicious criticisms, even from some in our own ranks, following our scathing attack on persons who know Keisha was in trouble. The article took a shot at some of theVICKEDdemons that engulfed her world. And since her suicide death we at Bahamas Press kept hammering the question; who know Keisha Thurston was suicidal?

We told you about herBFFwho we know engaged Thurston in a series of explosive argumentative text messages posted to her on day of her death. We told you how the family who knowing her trauma just disappeared the day she departed. Even so, how can someone so weak and fragile about life, with all the many friends on earth, be left so alone? Left in a vortex of pressure and suicide? This simply boggles the mind. Something just doesn’t add up to us. PORTIASMITHBUILDING002

There is a third party to this tragedy you the executive front seat readers of BP should know about. Since probing Thurston’s death, BP has engage conversations on the grounds of the country’s finest tertiary institution; The College of the Bahamas. While there we’ve began to gatherwith our Sherlock cap and coat on – some damaging evidence, which can be added to this entire investigation.

You see, it was the Thursday before Thurston committed suicide when she found out that life’s troubled waters beginning to abate her and engulf her around the neck. Keisha we are told began seeking help for herself. She didn’t find it in her close friend[s] nor did she discover it in her home and thus, she turned to the doorsteps of the counseling department at COB for help.

Witnesses at COB tell us Keisha entered the 3rd floor of the Portia Smith Building on the campus ground and requested an audience with the guidance counselor. It is alleged that while there she waited and waited and waited, but no help was forthcoming. We are told even after her long wait in an attempt to abort in the struggle for her life, she ended that day still no help.

This is incredible! Young people with all these pressures of life cannot get help when needed! And so today Bahamas Press came asking questions

  • Where were the guidance counselors at the College of the Bahamas when young Keisha Thurston made requests to see them the 3rd floor of the Portia Smith Building the Thursday before she committed suicide?
  • Why did no one see the poor child and offer counseling needed at the publicly funded institution?
  • Were members of the department taking another strike action against the government or were they in the usual LAZY, WUTLESS STATE found in many departments of government taking coffeebreak, doing lunchtime or dashing for school pickup; hogging up seven of the seven and a half hours assigned to do the people’s business?

17333_335937587052_517932052_4751538_6313462_nBahamas Press wants the WUTLESS department at COB to know they are equally guilty and culpable in the demise of Keisha Thurston as everyone else we’ve probed in this investigation. We cry SHAME ON THEM!

We are disturbed by this, hurt and pained by this and are troubled with the direction of our country. Thurston left a message on her Facebook wall for all of us to ponder. She said, “I’m not the perfect soul to mess with. I am not the perfect girl to handle but one thing I know for sure is that I can rock your world!”

Truer words could not have been spoken and boy she did and still is rocking our world.

And so to the girl who has left a hole in the hearts of many and has pained a world outside her own. To the once aspiring educator and college student. The girl who brought life to the team and helped coached those unskilled in the group. To the one who left only short phrases, motionless pictures and silent videos on her Facebook page of happier days, we say so long. The world on this side has missed you already, and yes we at BP are left to tell the story.

May the earth seek salvation in your death and find heavenly comfort in sorrow, AMEN!


  1. How is it that Keisha went to see the Guidance counselors at COB and left without ever seeing them? In my opinion, this should have never have happened. Most of the time when students goes to their office it is usually because they are seeking some type of help. It could be something minor or as well as something major, you never know what it is. This is why they should try to see everyone. Don’t these people realize the seriousness of their job? They are there to assist and provide counseling to the student. I feel that after this latest incident the government need to really take a serious look at these Guidance counselors in these public schools and at C.O.B to make sure that they are up to par. We can’t have students seeking help and can’t find it, that make no sense having them there if that is the case. Maybe some of them have become very complacent on the job and need retraining and a reminder of what their duties are. I could only imagine how Keisha felt as a young person who was going through something that she was unable to cope with and couldn’t find a friend or anyone to talk to. It couldn’t have been easy on her. What is so hurtful you have all kind of people on her on Facebook page saying how much they miss her. Where were they went she needed them the most? People need to stop being so self absorbing and caught in their little own world and start taking notice of what other persons are going through.. If you call yourself a friend, then be a real friend!!

  2. For a long time now ive been wondering why we dont do more as far as providing hotlines for troubled teens as well as adults. i know of the crisis hotline but im sure there are alot of younger people who dont know about it. maybe the folks over there at the crisis center should do more advertisements. like billboards along the streets SPECIALLY near high schools so that these kids are well aware of help out there should they need it. just this morning i went to open my store in the mall and was very disturbed to see a young man about 10yrs old dressed in his school uniform panhandling for lunch money. It really made me wonder if the welfare system is no longer in the schools to provide assistance to school kids. when i asked the young man why he didnt get any lunch money from his parents he informed me that his mom is rite now trying to find rent money so she couldnt give him lunch money. there are alot of ppl hurting here in  this country. we better wake up and address these seemingly small problems because that young man can easily be mislead and resort to stealing etc. in order to sustain himself and his struggling mother.

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