Carl 'Undernorished' Bethel has been fired from Cabinet!!!!!!!!


carl-bethe.jpg<<< Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ BETHEL finally FIRED!!!!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — A ‘bloodbath’ is now underway at the FNM Convention. The knight of the long knives is back. It is no question your Bahamas Press is convention ground ZERO this fall! Breaking News now coming to BP confirms Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel has been finally fired as as a member of the Mugabe Cabinet. We also have breaking news, which confirms Johnlee Ferguson has ran into the bathrooms at the Wyndham Nassau Resort to relieve himself following shocking upset now underway on the floor of the FNM Convention.

Nominations for Party office today saw Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel elected as Chairman unopposed of the FNM. His nomination was moved by the dictator MUGABE himself!

We’ve also learned that both Johnlee and Ivoine Ingraham were given clear instructions by Mugabe to withdraw or ELSE THEY WILL BE CRUSHED!

Bahamas Press has learned from sources deep in the belly of the Party Prime Minister MUGABE Ingraham had asked the FAILING GRADE Minister of Eduction to take up the post of Chairman last month, as he has been the worse minister of Education in the last 35 years.

Readers would remember the Andre Birbal the pedophile who raped more than 20 boys at the Eight Mile Rock High School. The matter was bought to the public front and centre first by a reporter in Grand Bahama [Vanessa Clarke] and later exploded by this website. And we never rest from the subject. Where is Birbal now?

FNMs are disgusted by the performance of Ferguson who appears to have represented the FNM in a drunken stupor. He we understand is yet to exit the lavatories at Convention centre. Two meritorious members caring the TORCH has been sent to locate the outgoing Chairman. BP will deliver live blow by bow accounts all evening from the FNM convention….We invite our 155,000 strong Daily reader to join us and provide instant coverage and analysis.



  1. @Drama King
    Thanks for the update you sure know how to report as am howling over your descriptive analysis.what a way to take tension off this site I am very disturbed that the lady had somewhere to put her purse.Please put persons in the room and have the speakers deliver more lively speeches.HAI has deliberately stifled all opposition in the FNM.I guess this is the TRUST agenda he promised.Poor Carl he went ahead and put together a 10 yr plan for education without comnsulting HAI and look at what happen to him?.I suspect that Iris Pinder is the newest FNM Senator and the next Minister of Education.She will replace Johnley.

  2. @Raah
    And I cant wait for her…. I feel so bad how the PLP did her these past couple months. Sometimes you have to put your POLITICAL THOUGHTS for some serious times. Her Dad and her didnt deserve that treatment.

  3. @Drama King

    Congratulations on your baby girl and stop laughing before you wake her. I hope you know just how to put her back to sleep without the wife help if you do. By the way, did you name her Kim? It sort of old, but that’s a beautiful name you know…lol….. Ivoine looked unmoved aye? I guess after Carl entered the race he realized quickly he was not going to win; it is good to see somebody is in in touch with reality.

  4. This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I am just back from the FNM convention and my wife is threatening to put me out of the house as I am waking up our new born daughter. That is how loud I am laughing.

    BP I had a sighting of Johnley at the Convention…he was in the lobby so the constant, uninterrupted defacation must have abaited him for a few minutes. I am HOWLING!!

    I saw Ivoine Ingraham too. Ivoine looked unmoved. He was acting in the capcacity of Protocol Officer. He didnt seem bothered by what happened today at all.

    And to answer someone’s question, I think Mugabe dragged Carl into the room by his jacket’s lapel while Carl was in a drunken stupor and announced that he was running for chairman, cause someone heard Carl mumble, “Saaay whaaa??” audibly…

    I gone man……this is too funny…….lolllllllllll

  5. I wonder who Hubert planning on replacing Carl with now. If Carl be honest, he’d admit he was in over his head. He should be happy for this demotion and thank God the Prime Minister still give him something to do, because he should have been removed from that post ages ago. All he was doing was being a nuisance to those teachers. He had their blood pressure going up and down. Belinda Wilson had to fight for simple things as toilet tissue for the children, that’s just ridiculous, things like that should go without saying. This time, I hope the PM sends somebody who will be into those children and treat them how they would want their own children to be treated. Carl was really out of it for a longtime, I mean there were allegations after allegations about children being molested and Carl gone down to Freeport and when he came back all he could talk about was how undernourished the children were and he didn’t offer any solution to the problem. If you didn’t know any better you would think it was the children fault. Those poor children, could you imagine how happy they were to see the minister and all he could do was focus on was how undernourished they looked. Boy I tell you, these past few years under Carl administration was really rough on those children you know. This the best move I see the PM make in a long while. I must say, I respect this one.

  6. @truthhurts
    LoL i get what you say. Both men needs what the other needs.
    Bradley Roberts has the aggressiveness meanwhile Carl Bethel has the BOOK SMART. Carl Bethel needs to be more aggressive to see any results and Bradley Roberts needs to be more WELL INFORMED. But personally Bradley has a edge over Carl because people RESPECT HIM.

    I’m not sure whats Ingraham’s plan but I can assure you its going to be BRILLIANT. I see some Minister’s being shuffle very soon. The Good thing about having CARL BETHEL as chairman is he is a PUPPET. Ingraham can easily tell him what to do and what to say. The PROBLEM with Carl bethel is he lacks respect from Bahamains and I doubt he can bring in NEW VOTERS which is a vital part of a chairman

  7. @ truth hurts …I want be dumm like dem then cause they at their respective party centers… your grievance you are of superior intellect and subjected to bloging??surely we can debate absent insult and you must illustrate through their actions why they dumm so we could agree or disagree

  8. All u guys are cracking me up…lol. But should`nt Iommy T be next to get ex.And im quite sure Jonlee is smiling all the way to the bank.

  9. The FNM is simply wise to “elect,appoint,chose,direct” a chairman, who is capable of getting it’s message out. So as not to be out manuevered by an aggressive counterpart.

    Bradley is agressive,and the PLP was wise also to “elect,appoint,chose,direct” him to be it’s chairman.

    What is interesting though, both of these guys ended up as their respective party chairman with a tinge of controversy…. They wanted them at all cost, even with a lil backroom, wheeling and dealing.

  10. This is what i call”THE BRADLEY ROBERTS EFFECT.”Mr.Hubert Alexander Ingraham KNOWS that mr.Roberts is a heavy weight and neither Johnley Ferguson nor Ivoine Ingraham can WITHSTAND the BRUISING BLOWS THAT BIG BAD BRAD is about to RAIN down on the FOREIGN NATIONAL MOVEMENT.Please mr.Carl Bethel DO NOT LET THE PRIME MINISTER USE YOU.

  11. @Russell Johnson
    Ingraham was doing a shuffle long time….. BUT IS IT ME?? But all i seeing CUPS….. not the clear ones but the white ones to keep d JUICE cool……… WELL WHAT IS THIS…… The Head CAPTAIN enn have no cup. LOLOL DELORES keepin him in check das why he look mad.

    THESE yOUNG YOUNG people drinkin and dancing lol

  12. @krossOva
    Big Bad Brad has caused a Cabinet reshuffle and now everyone scared in the FNM as they dont know who will be next.lolo lolo Big Brad did say he would destroy the FNM and look at the reaction lolo

  13. bahngr :
    The maximum leader doesn’t even allow the candidate to announce his intention to run. He announces the candidate and forces the other candidate to second him. What control. There is only one brain in the FNM and it is lodged inside a water head!!!!!!The question is did carl know thathe was running before Hubert announced it.


  14. The maximum leader doesn’t even allow the candidate to announce his intention to run. He announces the candidate and forces the other candidate to second him. What control. There is only one brain in the FNM and it is lodged inside a water head!!!!!!The question is did carl know thathe was running before Hubert announced it.

  15. Be informed people, isn’t it so, that Johnlee “second” the nomination of Carl ? And Ivoinne aborted his Chairman bid….

    Could it be that the FNM is responding to what happened recently in the PLP?

    Could it be the party’s first attempt to put it’s machinery together?

  16. Like i said, in the previous post, Carl Bethel throwing his hat into the ring was not good news or a good sign for John Lee.

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