Cartoon by Stan Burnside: A TIME FER PRAYER



By Stan Burnside and published in the Nassau Guardian on the 14th July, 2009.


  1. I am just please to know that the two missing boys are getting better and they are recuperating in the hospital after their terrible ordeal. Dr. Hubert Minnis said that there were no sign that the boys were abused. I really hope those doctors and hospital staff are sure about that, you all remember recently how the hospital screwed up and mistake that infant diaper rash for being molested? So, right now I am a little skeptical with anything that they report. That would be good though if they were not taken advantage of during those days away from their home, but I still say, that person who was bathing them and feeding had to be up to something. Why didn’t they just carry the boys home or to the police? This is the part I can’t seem to understand. I really hope that one day those boys would be able to reveal exactly what happened to them and if any wrong was done it would be dealt with.

  2. Thanks be to GOD that the boys were found alive, but a piece to the puzzle is still missing in my opinion. A huge chunk!!!!!

  3. Yeah that is good news the missing boys were found, but they still need to find out what really went down during the time they were away from home.

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