CBL’s NewCo comes to market telling Bahamians to taste da Rainbow? WELL, WAIT!


Marketer at NewCo just nuked the second mobile company with its GAY PRIDE COLOURS on the Church Property?!

NewCo new Rainbow tent comes alive.
NewCo new Rainbow tent comes alive.

Nassau, Bahamas – The Be Alive… gone gay pride launch of the country’s second mobile company is set for this weekend.

Today’s setup on the Holy Cross Pariah grounds is the CBL NewCo “soft” launch event.

The company, which was to meet its performance bond launch date of October 1st, still is not up and running and those at URCA have yet to confirm whether the company is indeed set to lose it $4 million performance bond.

The announcement of NewCo’s Rainbow launch was first announced here by Bahamas Press and, boy, this ga be something else.

Just a few weeks before Bahamas Press uncovered how a NewCo cross dresser talent was on social media posing as a woman begging men to join the network.

NewCo has encountered serious damage to its network infrastructure on Grand Bahama and in New Providence following the passage of Hurricane Matthew. But before the storm, when residents would have expected the second mobile company to stay on through the storm, all of CBL’s phones and TV went offline.

All we saying is this: If you couldn’t trust them to stand the test to Be On, Be Ready, Be Connected, Be Trustworthy, Be Transparent and Be Up and Running… How could NewCo even consider a campaign to Be Alive?

We report yinner decide!