n589636069_1048201_5552<<< Soon to be ousted Chairman of the PLP, Glenys Hanna-Martin. Bahamas Press is calling for her removal at the PLP Convention this October!

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press and the wider public at large will witness the greatest move of chaos the Progressive Liberal Party has seen ever in its 57 years of history. PLP Chairman Glenys Hanna-Martin, who we praised on this blog as the ‘GIANT SLAYER’, has proven to be nothing but a BAG of HOT AIR and Bahamas Press will now say why we’ve come to this conclusion.

Readers of BP would remember, Hanna began her journey as Chairman of the PLP on high principals and reachable goals. Remember now she is Arthur and Beryl’s daughter, GOOD DECENT PEOPLE! In 2008 Hanna-Martin rolled out a plan for the PLP under the theme “UNITED WE STAND”.

People have forgotten this, but BP holds a good memory. Hanna-Martin gave a detailed plan and gave reasons to PLPs as to why they should support her for Chairman. As Chairman Hanna-Martin said she will:

  1. Recommit the Party to its sacred ideals and principles
  2. Ensure the effective operation of Constituency Branches nationwide
  3. Reestablish the Grand Bahama Council;Revitalize the Progressive Young Liberals
  4. Spearhead initiatives to stimulate sustainable funding of the Party’s efforts
  5. Promote a greater involvement of the Women’s Branch in the Party’s Affairs
  6. Increase participation of Stalwart Councillors and encourage among the wider membership a greater understanding of their role and an enhanced esteem
  7. Initiate a drive to increase membership
  8. Review the Party’s Constitution to assure its continuing relevancy to the objectives of the  Party including structure
  9. Ensure effective coordination between the various organs of the party, to promote greater inclusion and improved communication with the membership and the public at large
  10. Establish the Lynden Pindling Centre simultaneously as a  political hub and as a national resource Centre and create links with Academic Institutions
  11. Strengthen and Enhance the profile of the Party.

She begged PLPs back then to, “UNITE IN THIS COMMON CAUSE.” Yeah right! That common cause is what is common in the PLP, CHAOS and CONFUSION! Reports reaching BP confirm Hanna-Martin is out of her league and really does not practice what she preaches. [ BP Anniversary PIN: 2519 8489 4893 ]christie-aa

Readers would remember how Hanna-Martin was the same woman reading the constitution like a comb and took Ingraham to court for irregularities in the last local government elections. Readers would remember we believed than and now that her fight was Right, Just and GOOD! But we must now stop and ask ourselves was her fight sincere?

Today PLPs are discovering new things about Mrs Hanna-Martin and boy are they shocked. Hanna-Martin, Obie Wilchcome and Perry Christie have locked hands to do what they must to create the GREATEST CHAOS and BALL OF CONFUSION ever at the next PLP Convention.

Sources deep inside the belly of the PLP tell us, both Hanna-Martin and Wilchcombe are so much in bed together, that the phrase “RAPE IN THE PLP” would require further explaining, so let us explain.

We understand, old stalwarts and elected delegates who do not support these two are being told they MUST TAKE THEIR LAST $50 DOLLARS IN THESE TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES AND REGISTER FOR THE PARTY’S OCTOBER CONVENTION. While others who support them need not pay a dime. Is this the same PLP? Or has the PLP now become the new Communist Party of The Bahamas? How could Hanna-Martin and OBie tell pensioners, Pay up or carry their YOU KNOW WHAT? How could they? And in the same breath tell others welcome in? They all should be removed from office immediately!

Secondly, we hear how the Party of Taylor, Hanna, Pindling and Butler has allowed and watched this same Chairman deny family islanders the right to be elected as delegates. Hanna-Martin we understand has denied these islanders their democratic right to vote at the PLP Convention. She suggests she cannot hold election in these places because the PLP has no money to travel across the country to elect persons. HOW COULD CHRISTIE SIT BY AND ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? This would mean family islanders would have no say in who will become the future leaders of the PLP! FOR A SECOND TIME WE ASK, HOW COULD CHRISTIE SIT BY AND ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? WHERE IS THE DEMOCRACY, WHERE IS THE TRANSPARENCY and WHERE IS THE TRUST?

Thirdly, our belly source tell us despite the fact that calls were made for Wilchcombe to step down as Convention Chair, no attempts have been made by the LEADER OF THE PLP nor its CHAIRMAN to ask WILCHCOMBE to do so and here’s why.

obieWhile every candidate in the race for office in the PLP have requested contacts for stalwarts and delegates eligible to vote at the Party’s Convention, everyone else except Hanna-Martin, Christie and Wilchcombe has been given the wrong list of persons eligible to vote. For example one list, the PLP belly source said, has voters names on it but half of the persons have died and the other half has no contact numbers attached to it. Meanwhile Christie, Hanna-Martin and Wilchcombe are calling delegates and Stalwarts day and night. The people collecting the information from the branch elections are keeping that information to themselves. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! THIS IS A NASTY, THIS IS THE PLP!

Does this mean the PLP cannot hold fair elections? And how could an election be confirmed as fair if this kind of SKULDUGGERY continues? THIS ALL SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING NEED TO BE FILED IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE BAHAMAS IMMEDIATELY! How can anyone who sees this happening still be PLP, sit down and do nothing? THIS IS INCREDIBLE?

How could Hanna-Martin be apart of SUCH ‘VICKED CORRUPTION’, FRAUD and INJUSTICES? Hanna-Martin was the same person who just months ago took Ingraham to court for employing similar tactics and caused a minister in the CABINET to resign? Why would Christie sit down and allow this UNDEMOCRATIC MOVE to continue in the PARTY of PINDLING, BUTLER AND HANNA? And can someone PLEASE tell us, when will ‘DA SNITCH’ step down?

BOY, this country needs CHANGE!


  1. JR :
    You people likes to kill me and Objective for criticizing her. I am still amazed at how quickly people change their talk and act like they never supported her in the first place. BP is the biggest offender there. They lie and lie and never apologize when they are caught and today you could be the man but tomorrow, another thing.

    What are you talking about JR? You going to the boarder of the DELUSIONAL like ya husband these days? Did you read the article to see how we supported Hanna-Martin? Didn’t we say we supported her when Sidney Collie Resigned? So where you going now?

    Bahamas Press supported her, but what she is doing now is UNDEMOCRATIC, Not Transparent and CORRUPT! And we do not support CORRUPTION! Hanna-Martin GATS TO GO, LIKE CHRISTIE!

    Bahamas PRESS/Editor

  2. You people likes to kill me and Objective for criticizing her. I am still amazed at how quickly people change their talk and act like they never supported her in the first place. BP is the biggest offender there. They lie and lie and never apologize when they are caught and today you could be the man but tomorrow, another thing.

  3. Its funny how Glenis was the queen to BP when it was known she was trying to jack PC up. Now that it seems she is supporting him, she is the scum of the earth to BP. Boy you fellas have no spine at all. I can’t say i’m surprised at all.

  4. BJ will run for Leader, but if he loses, he will retire from Politics. This is his last, best chance, unless he joins the FNM. BJ should have listened to Hubert Ingraham. BJ would have stood a very good chance of taking over the FNM for 2012…

  5. @william
    I don’t care what position he is interested in.. What I am saying is that this is all about winning and the team that I think is unbeatable for the PLP is PC as leader and BJ as deputy!!

    I am not saying that NO other team can win but any other team would have to work much harder to get a win!!! That’s my only point! Right now the PLP is bound to have a huge split!!! The team of BJ and PC is the PLP’s best choice for a definite victory whenever the bell is rung!!!

  6. BJ will run for Leader, he will more than likely be defeated and will therefore not be deputy leader. I don’t think he is interested in that position anyway.

  7. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the chairlady even has a good chance of being returned to her position because too many people are contesting for the position!!

    I still think that the winning team for the PLP in the next election is the team of PC as leader and BJ as the deputy leader but we’ll see.?>?>>???

  8. @objective thought you see it too ech too much cooks spoil broth too much chief no indian disorganised comin like tief in the night if they want take over do it with the courage of your convictions be ready to wield your sord and fall on the same when the time comes….the way this leadership race is being contested speaks volumes

  9. I think what is going on in the PLP right now is sad… Too many persons are only concern about themselves.. They will make it easy for PC to win because they are too greedy for power! Those persons who want to see PC gone should have banned together and choose the best person among themselves to run for the leader position.. Only then will they have a chance to topple PC!!

    But their GREED will see that PC remains as leader of the PLP.. They will split all of the persons votes who want PC gone and PC already has his group of persons who will support him until he leaves politics so PC’s chances looks even better as more persons enter the leadership race!!

    Go PC!!! BP, I hope that you keep those pampers always within arms length because we don’t want NO accidents!!

  10. yeah dis one gettin seedy catch fish cut bait who cant swim shall drown when it gets to the nitty gritty politics is a serious profession this idea bout one two campaign and run or take up the cry of the poor and run or be boisterous in a union and run oh the favourite one study law and run is gettin tired been tired what are the policys you know like national development rejuvinating the islands self reliance what the end goal carribean/ republic or usa .one thing is for sure when the dealings done on this one many will wish they had folded their hands transition should be smooth but skullduggery is afoot in our politics the children hungry the new broom sweep clean old broom get the corners most people rather the devil they know if they go to court on anything they give up the election in advance

  11. when you say the PLP is the party of Pindling, Butler, Hanna..That sounds like calling the Republicans the party of Lincoln..You know they have come a long way from the party that ended slavery to an anti civil rights party. Hell, I am willing to bet you my bottom dollar that in ’96 Pindling wanted to join the FNM, but his pride would not allow it.

  12. I remain silent as all of you regular contributors know that I support Martin but am a Davis man for Deputy Leader.I hgope that all of this noise about her is just a smoke screen since I cant take any more disappointments.Due to the noise in the market Obie should step down as the chairman of the convention to avoid conflict of interest.The party is bigger than any individuals so all need to get this straight and put petty ambition aside.I say no to two Deputy Leaders,and exalt all to passionately discuss at convention their misgivings.Since there is smoke all efforts must be made to stop a fire.The 2007 Gen. Elects are past and the PLP lost,so party supporters need to stop being in denial and playing the blame game.

  13. BP now, I don’t think Christie in cahoots with this pair. As far as I know Obie and Glenys have made it known for quite some time now that they do not support Christie and have been undermining him for years! Now, perhaps they feel that since they have had the rest of their colleagues turn against them, they now turn to Christie so that his supporters will vote for them. Oh what a tangled web!! But you are so right! How can Glenys stop Ken Dorsett from holding elections and she continued? How can she after elections that she has been holding at branches tell the people vote for her and Obie? What manner of nonsense is this? It makes all of the things she fought for recently look like all she was doing was playing politics. Ingraham need to have a field day on her! I always though that was theater and she has proven it to be so. Bradley where are you ???

  14. BP, you finally get it with Mrs. Martin… I have been calling for her removal from February!!! She has only been hurting the PLP since she has been put into office!! I hear the people talking all the time… She is WICKED and DESTRUCTIVE to the PLP!!

    I want her OUT as chairlady and even as an MP but I seriously doubt that she will be removed as an MP but I’ll keep hope alive!!

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