Charges of corruption leveled at the Minnis administration

Da WUTLESS Minnis-Led Government.

STATEMENT BY PLP CHAIRMAN| Now that the charges of corruption have been publicly leveled at the Minnis administration, the government has a responsibility to the public to investigate these serious charges and report the findings to the public.

The charge of a suitcase containing $30,000 in bribe money is a serious charge that the government cannot and must not just sweep under the proverbial carpet because it is politically inconvenient for the government to address it head on.

The PLP is particularly concerned about the hypocritical comments made by the Minister with responsibility for disaster relief. He chastised the residents of Abaco for publicly raising the issue of corruption when his boss, the Prime Minister, travelled to international fora and called Bahamians corrupt on multiple occasions without one shred of evidence.

This pattern of behavior by this government to coverup and dismiss serious charges of misconduct is insufferable. We ask Bahamians to take note and hold this government accountable.