Minister of Youth, Charles Maynard, is a no good NASTY REPROBATE


<<< Charles ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ Maynard we are told was one of the men upon his return from South Africa received some strong abusive language from his wife as he presented her an African doll. She flatly told the minister, “This one a then half naked belly dancers eh? You better carry your Fat *** back to Africa.”

Nassau, Bahamas — Charles ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ Maynard continues his wicked witch hunt against lawyers he claims have profited from crime in the Bahamas.

While on a talk show in the company of Dr. UNGA himself today, Algernon Allen, Maynard sought to attack lawyers again claiming that they have been the perpetrators of the crime problem in the country. In his attack, he sought to spotlight the defunct law firm of Christie, Ingraham and CO., as being one of the companies, which benefited handsomely from persons brought before the system for criminal behaviour. Hubert Ingraham was a benefactor of those proceeds as he was the senior partner in the firm. The Parliament’s ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ perhaps knows the story of crime too well for he is alleged to have been the greatest benefactor of criminal proceeds all his life.

You would remember BP quoted how his father was found not to be a credible witness in the Commission of Inquiry Report. We will not go into the details of that report today, but Maynard should know he is a product of CRIMINAL proceeds. And when we publish the details of that report again, The Lord Archbishop of South Africa will not be able to take it down. That is point number one.

Charlie should remember and perhaps explain to the people of this country how it is he acquired public land and claim it as his own in the Golden Girls Subdivision in western New Providence. Perhaps he should tell the public how his father came into possession of that land. And we at BP will soon tell. Charlie we know did not pay a dime for the land where his home sits, that land was apart of the Crown. That’s point number two.

The youth minister, who we heard recently returned from South Africa with the claps after fooling around those $2 whores and half naked belly dancers, should also remember he is no role model for young people. Many remember how a ‘Jungaliss’ from the Grove destroyed the government’s car. Charlie’s Nassau whore some months back had smashed the people’s car glass and scraped the paint. It is amazing to see how everyone knew about the Cabinet Room brawl, but no one knows about that incident. WHO PAID for the smashed glass Charlie? That’s point number three.

Charlie, who fell down on the tarmac following a family Island regatta ‘PISSY DRUNK’ should be the last to talk about who he is ashamed of. He could not find his car that night and fell before he reach the door. WHAT SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR!

The ‘Pillsbury DoughBoy’ should be the last to talk about criminal running amok in the society because somehow he has amnesia and forgets he is the VERY PRODUCT of criminal proceeds. And if he forgets he should seek the pages of 1984 Commission of Inquiry Report. We can assist with pages if he needs our help.

Also, we wonder if the Corner Motel is under ACTIVE surveillance by the police. It is alleged  that a host of criminal activities can be encountered there on a daily basis, particularly, BACKYARD GAMBLING!

Charlie you HAVE NO SHAME! And when you live in glass house you should not throw stones. MORE TO COME!


  1. Dud Maynard is a stalwart councillor of the PLP meaning that he can vote at any PLP convention elections.It is good that the Minister is getting rid of the hurt that caused him to leave the PLP when he did.i FIND AI AMAZING THAT THE SITUATION WITH THE mINISTERS CAR IS HUSH HUSH,MAYBE THAT IS WHY papa IS ABLE TO PULL HIS STRINGS LOLO LOLO .

  2. BP, the pilssbury doughboy must have a short memory or his Father has not told him about MD Air Services and what the commission had to say about his Father. He is so silly to let Hubert put him up to foolishness. His Father was a nobody and he is a nobody and Hubert knows it. Well, whom the gods seek to destroy, they first make mad. The “Claps” does not help, it affects your thinking.

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