Charles “Pillsbury Dough Boy” Maynard is a Big Fat Liar and Idiot


The Pillsbury Dough Boy has been on a publicity campaign since he came back from South Africa where he was said to have been  ” caught with his pants down”, so to speak. He has been all over ZNS being interviewed by Steve McKinney, taking the press to see the water lines being installed in Coral Harbour and even showed up with the cameras at a fund raiser that the community of Bacardi Road was having. We are told that he and the cameras were chased away from that event.

The “Pillsbury Dough Boy”, like every sitting MP is informed of utility works being carried out in their area. Fred Mitchell got the same email from Water and Sewerage for the works being carried out in Foxdale. But, Charlie, the liar wants the residents to believe that the works being carried out were directed by him. He is a Big Fat Liar.

Charlie, the Punch has decided that you are the featured “condom toting MP” who recently came back from an overseas trip, well, we will continue to keep you in the spotlight.

During the recent Business License debate, you referred to the lawyers and what they do and said that you were attacked. By your own admission, you were the Managing Director of a “Brothel and Roach Motel” on Carmichael Road. Well, you made money from “prostitutes and johns” who rent rooms. Do you still offer the “mid day Special”? Are there still unlimited Jamaican ladies who operate from there? is the back yard gambling still in effect?”

We can assure you “Pillsbury Doughboy“, we have increased the number of Field Marshals that we have on the ground in Golden Isles to 55. You should  never have  been in the House of Assembly. It is because of that “Jackass”, Perry Christie trying to save Neville Wisdom that caused you to win. We have been advised by a senior official in the FNM that “Hubert will take the boundaries back to 2002, he has to try and help Tommy so Dignity Gardens and South Westridge will go in Golden Isles. Charlie will be sacrificed”.
This was good news for us and we have sent Field Marshals into South Westridge already. We have been advised by the residents, 90% of whom voted for Dr. Minnis, that if they are indeed put in Golden Isles, they cannot wait to run your Fat Ass.

We will keep up the pressure on you and no amount of lies and deflection will keep you in that seat. We again say to you, ” the ax has been laid at the foot of the tree, the woodsman cometh.”

Please do not get drunk and fall down at any of the Regattas or homecomings over the upcoming August Monday holiday. Please also, take your wife.


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