Look at the state of the bathrooms at the Marsh Harbour Abaco Airport


Marsh Harbour, Abaco — Look what ya get when ya tired a what ya gat! ‘PISSY’ RANK AND OUT OF ORDER! BP can confirm this is the current state of the urinal at the Marsh Harbour International Airport. The lightS are OFF the island and the lavatories don’t work AT THE AIRPORT.

‘WELCOME TO ABACO’ one sign reads as guests from around the world can’t piss straight at the gate of the community.

Bahamas Press cries SHAME on the Ingraham government, which cannot collect garbage and keep toilets clean these days. Boy we in one big mess, eh?

Visitors wanting to use this urinal at the airport must use the bush. SOMEONE GATA HANG ‘DEY’ HEAD DOWN IN SHAME!!! WHAT A DISGRACE!