Pillsbury Doughboy set to take wife to New Delhi, India?

Pillsbury Doughboy and Queen Elizabeth headed to India.

A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am fuming this morning, please help me understand what’ going on here.  I have just been reliably informed that Min. Pillsbury Doughboy is traveling to New Delhi, India on Sept. 30th, 2010.  But the kicker is, his wife is accompanying him on the trip at the expense of the Dept. of Culture.  Further, she is also being granted a per diem of $50/day.  The sad part about it, Min. Pillsbury Doughboy had to reschedule his trip in order to do some shopping, as a result, the Dept. of Culture had to pay $500.00 in penalty.

Yes I am fuming, this woman is no doggone employee of the government.  I have worked for the past 25 years in the civil service. Have not received  an increment in 10years and no promotion in 15 years and a qualified person with 2 degrees. This some HELL.  I hate all them suckers. The FNM is no better than the FNM.

A Bitter Civil Servant


We here at BP, have confirmed the letter writer’s assertions in reference to the Pillsbury Doughboy’s upcoming trip to New Delhi, India.
We ask the following questions:
We have been advised that the Government’s policy is to allow for 1-2 Ministrial wives trip per year, in this regard, how many trips have been paid for by the people of the Bahamas for the wife of the Pillsbury Doughboy?

If it has exceeded the two trips per year, when will he reimburse the people of the Bahamas?

In these hard economic times, why is it necessary for him to take her at the people’s expense?


  1. In most companies, when employees travel the company would pay for the employee’s travel expenses. Employees are often allowed to take their spouse with them, but the employee is resposible for the expenses of the spouse. @ Abby: so why is Mrs. Maynard intitled to travel at the country’s expense and with travel allowance? Is this a vacation or work related travel? If work related what is she working on? and who will benefit from her work?
    I don’t think there is a problem with her going, but who should pay for the trip? This perk however, (if you see it as a perk) should come out of the perk that Mr. Maynard gets in his bank account each month. Or it can come from a sponsor eg: someone like Abby, but not the public purse! Right is right and wrong is wrong… and it’s sad when people try to make a grey area of things to pass it off and right! It is wrong!

    • Lady, I was just being facetious and “stirring the pot”! I guess I’m just sooo tired of all the politics. Seems things can be falling down around us in so many areas, but nobody notices until there is some political mileage to gain!In all seriousness, I totally agree that taxpayers should not pay for Mrs. M to go to India and have spending money too! As I said in my first post, this happens everyday as government employees take advantage of their “position”…It needs to be stopped at ALL levels! It boggles my mind to think about the amount of money that is wasted by government employees on a daily basis! We should all look around our communities and take note, then post that info on BP and other sites!!
      And BTW I totally DISAGREE with the sponsor sheet that is so common today! If you can’t afford the trip, stay home!

      • @Abby, if we stop the top goverment employees at the top from taking advantage of their positions (politicians), there will be less work to do to fix the problem of other government employees doing the same (taking advantage). Problems have to be addressed from the root if they are going to be fixed…. in these cases the root is at the top.

        • Lady you are on target, and I commend you on your points, but it seems we get touchy when it comes to our political party being put in the spotlight, because some of us are afraid we will lose our political patronages, “ie” their people take advantage of the public purse, but everyone else is wrong for that, besides them.

  2. I think that its a way to say thank you to Mrs. Maynard for all the time her husband has to spend away from her, doing the country’s business! And all the mean, unchristian things that have been said about them…there have to be some perks to being married to a MP!!

  3. And I reiterate my point, to the “letter writer”.

    Notwithstanding your Degrees, and your longevity on the job.
    Actions like these, disclosing public information without authorization and God knows what other breaches you may’ve done is what hindering your altitude.

    check your attitude my friend, it’s clear you can’t be trusted……

    But you know, I blame politicians from both side, who use these people in the service to leak information.

    it’s convenient when they are in opposition but can’t deal with the leak when they become the government.

    Then the poor Public Servant feel and acts more loyal to the political parties rather than the state.

    Talk bout Public Service Reform, plz!!!

    see people, these are the root problems in our society we must deal with.

    • Krossova, with all the in 1992, where he bragged about having a back trunk of information, where in the hell you think he got them from?

      When Civil Servants get tired with a Government they flood the garbage tins of real news like BP. They are the swing voters of this town and they are sick and tired of the FNM.


  4. Man, are we as a people stooping to an all time low. We are publicly assassinating each other character. Then we sat down and wonder where all the crime is comming from. Lets think for a moment…., these same young people we are teaching to be respectful of other person are watching us pull down each other, hhmmmmmm now what do you think they will learn from that. Lord help us

  5. This is nothing out of the ordinary, (PM, Ministers, Senior Civil Servants can take their wife’s on official business) what is different is that a civil servant who cannot perform his or her responsibilities in a professional manner seek to embarrass Minister Maynard.

    This person should be sought out and remove to a switch-board responsibility.

    BP lets encourage civil servant to always act in responsible and professional manner.

    • Boy Willard we thought the FNM had rid from its vocabulary the word “VICTIMIZATION”. It looks as if it is been replaced with the word “INTIMIDATION”.


      • I dont think taking your wife is a big problem, its when they dont take their wifes when the problem comes in. When our government officials are married we should expect their mates to accompany them because after all they are on our affairs and FNM or PLP we should do our best to keep things right in the family after all if their mates dont go they will spend just as much or more on phone calls to them anyway.Lets try and be fair.

  6. So Charlie took his wife and we paying for it! You know I don’t like this anymore than I like other civil servants who take extra long lunches or spend time texting or talking on the phone when they are being paid with our tax dollars!(Een nothing wrong with that..only a few dollars at a time) Or the ones that travel to another island and eat lunches in the most expensive places and rent golf carts to drive where their lazy butts can walk…all on the tax payers dime! So if we getting up in arms about Charlie’s trip, we need to get vexed about the everyday taking advantage of the public purse!

      • Not sure why you want me to read it “once more” time..but I did! I still feel the same way..Bahamians speak out about certain things, while they ignore similar situations everyday! But Charlie got to behave himself on this trip for sure!!

  7. BahamasPress Security did not tell any lies. This was a letter writer. BP has a breaking news box and citizens once we find the comments to be true, will publish.

    Our position on the Pillsbury’s travels stand.


  8. BP I thought civil servants were suppose to be sworn into secrecy how this info got out of the accounts department it’s just as bad as accepting bribery. I long for the day when good politicians can live at peace and Bahamian people give them a chance to do their job and do it well. BP I know this attack on Min. Maynard is for some sort of political gain by whomever but leave the man family out of it. there must be some law for this kind of shit to take people wedding picture and put it on the world wide web. this has to stop you are invading the man’s space. I saw his wife a few times and she does not look like anyone who’s lacking a shopping trip. she look dam good. we need to be happy for our brothers and sisters when their climb up the ladder of success.

    • You longing for all that Fiescha? All we long for is the day when we can have GOOD POLITICANS! PERIOD!


    • Fiescha, “STOP IT!!!!”, this man is a public servant, and he and others are to be held accountable, there is no right in this, we need more public servants that will let us know of the garbage that happens with our monies, if this is true, then this need to be dealt with, stop the Jungless thinking, and let us look out for our countries finances.

  9. BP this is complete non sense. The person who wrote this letter is employed in the accounts department at this Minister’s Ministry. They should be fired for leaking out this information. These Ministers give their lives to this job they hardly see their families their families suffer from stupidness like this letter. When he dont take his wife they complain and say all sorts of ill things about him and his wife. His wife has been an employee of the Bahamas Gov. for years now and a highly qualified individual,college student also. If this lady in Min. Culture is upset about her position and progress she need to check herself. maybe her degree is irrevant or she has a degree in assholism which is never needed in the public service. Mrs Maynard she not be discouraged over this foolishness “if ya husband wan take ya gal go all this is is hateration” I am sure Mr. Maynard can afford to take his wife anywhere he wants to his family is well off.

    • You know Fierscha, firing civil servants or threatening to do the same for leaking info. is not the way to go. How else are we in the public are to know what is going on with our money? After all, the Government refuses to pass a freedom of information act, which seeks to let us not know how much land they are willing to give away! Good public officers know when something is going wrong; like those who have delivered us info. on NIB.

      200 days has passed since Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham promised report to the House on the Happenings at NIB. 200 days later he has yet to say a damn word.


  10. If you know the Public Service, you would be aware that there are many in the Public Service who have reached the’ceiling’ for salaries and despite consistently good work and qualifications HAVE NOT BEEN PROMOTED OR RECEIVED INCREMENTS for 10 or more years. I know about this directly… the only raises some of us have gotten are across the board raises. Remember that the promotion process is either through the Public Service Commission or through an Administrative Competition, therefore only a limited amount of persons are promoted and there has also been a moratorium o npromotions since 2008.

  11. I’ll be a damn fool to follow you up, with this crap BP.

    A member of the Public Service with no increment or promotion in 10 years?

    Reach out quick and grab a mirror, and stare your problem right in the face!!!!!

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