Chicken foot on sale $2.39 at City Market Store



Chicken foot now again finding their way onto food store shelves in The Bahamas.

Nassau, The Bahamas – A good sign of telling how rough and tough things are in The Bahamas is seeing what is on the food store shelves. City Market in the Cable Beach area, where residents like Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, and Perry Christie all reside, can now purchase ‘noodles’ – which Zharvigo Laing said in the last 2007/08 budget would have a reduce tariff. Added with this chicken foot is now on sale! The foot of the chicken sells for $2.39 per pound. At City Markets in Oakes Field, the famous delicacy sells for $1.99 per pound. Milk at some food stores now sells for $10 per gallon and rice prices have rise but have not yet reached a ration stage as like in Florida.

But who is complaining? Bahamians still tow some of the longest lines at the food store. Last evening with gas prices now pegged at $5.32 per gallon, cars were seen at Golden Gates Wendy’s snarling onto Carmichael roadway. Bahamians are a very proud people. They eat $12 lunch meals in the office and come home to lights turned off by BEC. Or better yet, they talk and text all day on cellular phones and come home to a message left on their home phones saying, “your phone had been disconnected…” And if things are really bad, how come no one is adjusting budgets?

Here is one email we got which noted, “Evian water 9 oz $1.49 or $21.19 per gallon! $21.19 for WATER??? And the buyers don’t even know the source.”

Bahamas Press see chicken foot hitting the shelves in abundance, and as a warning to all residents of The Bahamas – as we saw an MP’s wife picking up that pack of chicken foot – we say “CONSERVE PEOPLE, CONSERVE!”


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