Chicken George calls on all Bahamians to GET READY TO REGISTER! MINNIS GATS TO GO!

Bodie being transported out of Abaco following Hurricane Dorian. FILE PHOTO.

Dear Editor,

After watching the results, last week, of being tired of being down-trodden for over 400 years, my attention is now turned to my own Bahamaland or should I say, Minnis-land. 

We are sympathetic towards the people of the U.S., which is good to show our neighbors empathy, but in our own front yards, we bow to the ideals of a narcissist dictator. 

Yes I said it!! Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis is a dictator and we as citizens of this country should accept the fact that he does not respect the average Bahamian and feels that we can tell us anything and we believe it. 

We voted him in, FIRED CHRISTIE’s PLP, and Minnis has issued us one disappointment after the next.

Look at the people of Grand Bahama and the once beautiful Abacos. No consideration for the life they once lived before Hurricane Dorian. The hospital on Grand Bahama looks like a makeshift tent from the series M.A.S.H. The theatre is a tent [operation in the outdoors], while the nation is lockdown indoors!

All he wants to do is to bow down before his white campaign donors and ask them what they want him to do with them next. 

If no one is watching, Hubert Minnis is just another Donald Trump. Nothing but a clown! He is a petty, spiteful narcissist who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing when he swung us to put him in office. We are waiting though. Time soon, come! 

What kind of man imitates a man like Donald Trump. Everything Trump does, Minnis does. Trump acts like a dictator, then Minnis acts like a dictator. Trump calls himself the Law and Order President, Minnis calls himself the Competent Authority. Trump wages war with the press, then Minnis wages war with the press. 

The only hope for us here in The Bahamas is that in November of this year, Trump will be rolled out like a rushing herd of bulls chasing a matador in red. We hope that Minnis suffers the same fate in 2022. LORD thy will be done!

He gave himself no ministerial portfolio so he could chase gown tail, whatever else, and watch people’s social media statuses.

He will soon start Tweeting his displeasure for those who oppose his messed up ways, just like Trump. 

Minnis has raped our country’s reserves to pay out double-dippers and those he pays off with contracts and now he wants to play with us about how he is going to put in place legislation on how to award contacts. Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughable. 

In conclusion, I am going to ask all sensible thinking Bahamians not to be fed up anymore and complacent, but to get up off your laurels, get a spirit of determination and make sure to register to vote and VOTE MINNIS OUT!!!


Chicken George from Abaco