Ten-Year-Old girl shot in Golden Gates May 29th dies in hospital….

Mother screams in the hot son after the shooting of her 10-year-old daughter.

BP BREAKING| The country’s homicide count has climbed by one to 31 for year and the latest victim is that 10-year-old girl shot along with two others on May 29th.

BP is learning the young child shot in that shooting in the Golden Gates community of Bell Air Estates just off Inagua Way has died in hospital. She along with 33-year-old Peron Bain were shot in that incident. Bain died on the scene. The young girl shot to the head along with another person hot was transported to hospital.

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis after getting news of the death of the young girl went to the home of her mother and family to offer his deep sympathy to the family on behalf of his family.

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