Children’s Emergency Hostel workers allegedly stealing donations

Children’s Emergency Hostel

NASSAU| Shortly after a video showing the violent beatings of students by multiple employees at the Children’s Emergency Hostel was circulated on social media, an unnamed donor from Sandyport made calls to inquire about two donations made to the organization totaling $15,000.

The donor claimed the first donation of $7,500 in cash was presented to an employee of the children’s home in November 2020 and another $7,500 donation by check was presented to a senior social worker who had responsibility for the institution. 

This call pushed Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell to contact the Commissioner of Police to directly oversee an investigation into the claims.

We are advised that the investigations led to the discovery of a 2018 Honda Accord landed at $25,000 and duties paid up to $35,000 in cash. As the only employed person in the household, the Social Worker could not account for the source of funds to make such a purchase.

A neighbor of the social worker also called the police and alerted them to truckloads of items that had been dropped off to the home of the social worker. 

Upon further investigation, police found electronics, clothing, toiletries and other items that were donations to the children’s home but never made it to the children.

The senior social worker who allegedly received the cheque was also investigated.  It was found that she has a bank account at Bank of America with over $150,000. Also discovered was a 2020 hybrid Lexus SUV in storage. The senior staff member is allegedly still fully employed by the ministry and is being allowed to pay back the money quietly to save herself and the government from scandal and embarrassment.

In the interest of transparency and accountability, will the public be made aware of how far back these investigations are going?

Additionally, how much money, clothing and electronics were stolen from the children and what measures are being established to ensure that the children of the state are loved, nurtured and cared for and receive donations made to them?