Chrissy Love was served court papers today for allegedly attacking someone on her online programme!


Love appeared today in court with Attorney Wayne Munroe at his side…

Chrissy Love Thompson

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press has learned online personality Christina Thompson Aka Chrissy Love has been served a court order following what someone has suggested has been libelous and scandalous commentary on her live online show.

Love was a controversial commentator on radio who has bucked heads with a number of media houses in her career. She started her online page which went to the gutter online all over the world.

Love was served at a restaurant on Parliament Street just as she was about to kickoff the show.

BP does not know who served the notice or issued the court papers, but on her show today she became a victim; warning that she don’t fool with people.

When PM Christie ran the country journalists were allowed to speak their mind freely and fairly. But now its da people’s time – even the radio commentators exercising what they deem as “FREE SPEECH” might get locked up!

It’s Da People’s Time to get throw under da bus!

We report yinner decide!