Christie almost came to blows by rivals of Change! Edict served on Christie!


n43202773015_1382564_5590<<< Christie’s anger rushed to a boiling point as an edict is served to him in the comforts of his living room by a 24 year-old PLP embracing CHANGE!

Nassau, Bahamas — A big breakdown in the Christie compound sometime last week stirred passions as a rival contesting Christie in the upcoming convention for the leadership of the party delivered an edict to the outgoing leader.

Bahamas Press learned that the big ‘bustup’ between the Christies and a supporter of the dark horse lasted for almost two hours as they were blasted for their failures inside the PLP.

Young and old PLPs are spitting mad at the state of the party, which is still being led by the leader, who delivered them into opposition becoming the first one-term government ever in the history of Bahamian politics.

A report commissioned by Christie back in 2007 confirmed that the party lost the government because of the weaknesses of its leader. And nothing has changed as the Christies now struggle to grip control of the 50 plus year-old political organization.

“They’ve made us a weaker party than we ought to be in this time. The country is falling apart, everywhere you go people are losing their homes, jobs and their entire livelihood. People’s properties are being taken by this wutless Ingraham government. Look what happened yesterday, the children cannot now get a grant to go off to school anymore, and you can’t hear a damn word about what is going on from Christie,” a diehard PLP told BP. “What is he afraid of, does he want to secure another term for his law buddy Hubert? Why is he not saying anything, is he sick again? Delegates from around the country must now accept that the time for CHANGE in the PLP is now! It is time for the PLP and the Christies to part ways.”

The edict served by the challenger outlined the need for CHANGE in the country and inside the PLP and warned Christie that his failure to resign will result in a bloodbath at the party’s October convention. The Christies have evolved like a dynasty inside the PLP; much like that of the Pindlings back in in the day. And like Pindling we now see them grabbing for power, and are now fighting for their political survival.pmmrsc_boydconsecration

During the two hour ordeal we understand Christie’s wife Bernie was seen screaming like a wild animal shouting to the top of her voice in the living room of the resident saying, “Who do you think you’ll are to challenge my husband!” Bernie we now know is just back home from a six month long trip in Atlanta. Some said the former first lady rushed back home to the aid of Christie after hearing he’s in for the fight of his political life.

Christie we we’re told interrupted the edict being read against him, and began beating his chest questioning the intent of his rivals stating, “I am Perry Gladstone Christie, and who is it who thinks they can beat me? I am the leader of the Progressive Liberal Party and I will lead this party once again!” But that did not stop his challengers as we were told, who continued serving the warning to the Christies. At this point voices began screaming to ‘cussing’ levels under the high summer heat. This was not good for Christie who suffered a stroke back in 2005.

The contender continued serving the edict on Christie, and warned Christie that it is never too late to resign! At this time some members gathered inside the Christie home agreed with the edict, while others began rallying around the PLP leader, saying it was not time for Christie to go.

Bahamas Press has learned that as the person delivering the warning to Christie left, the weak leader of the PLP fuming at the nostrils as he raged in anger.

We understand that anger continued at the PLP’s big meeting on Tuesday night at Gambier House. Party officers attending were updated on the edict served to Christie, which caused him to fuming over it again. The incident we understand is driving Christie in overdrive calling both Obie Wilchcombe and Sen. Jerome Fitzgerald to suspend all their campaigns for leadership inside the party.

pmmrsc_coakleyln_burialBahamas Press has learned Christie surfaced a document, which incriminates Wilchcombe in another scandal involving the national fly carrier Bahamasair. We’ve learned that he has cautioned Wilchcombe that if he seeks his bed to run in the party elections, that document will be made public. Bahamas Press has already collected details on the scandal, however, WE ARE NEVER SURPRISED BY THE ACTIONS OF THE ‘SNITCH’!

This latest update therefore confirms ONLY Philip ‘Brave’ Davis will contend for the deputy leadership of the party. Meanwhile the dark horse, which will be endorsed by Bahamas Press, will challenge Christie!

<<< Like a couple dressed for a funeral the Christies will face the battle of their political lives to stay at the top of the PLP this October. PLPs want a  CHANGE in its entire leadership!


  1. Stalwart collars: Badges of respect not shame

    1. In ceremony, pomp and dress;

    With cameras, microphones and press,

    Stalwarts were made, put on the stage

    With collars of “designer” grade!

    2. These stalwart collars were designed

    As badges for the faithful;

    To honor them once and for all,

    And make each one feel ten feet tall!

    3. Stalwart collars weren’t made to fix

    The numbers in a “bag of tricks”

    To stack the “deck” at any cost,

    While stalwart dignity is lost?

    4. No! Stalwarts are nobody’s fools.

    These giants won’t be used as tools,

    Or elements to spike wild speech

    And drown our values in

    “the creeks!”

    By: Etienne L. Farquharson

    Writing from: “Paul Moss Country”

    -Grand Bahama 5th August 2009


  2. @JR No need to write an EPISTLE Jr, we know you’re practically live in the company of the Christies. But you shall hear from us this Sunday. Christie will be in Grand Bahama at 2 PM and he will face a mob there. It is time for Christie to Go!

    LEAVE CHRISTIE LEAVE! Your Days are numbered!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. Media, BP, Erin, whoever, you are showing yourself to be a bit inconsistent in these posts. First of all, your story says you were told these things about the confrontation, then in a comment you claimed to have been there yourself. Remember me asking if Erin Ferguson is BP? Well, what is it?

    You say you never intended for the discussion to go this way, saying that you are “ashamed at the level of disdained” being portrayed on this blog. What? Are you losing your mind? You wrote the story and you made your pronouncements and because another version, partially confirming the gist of your story but refuting the tone you tried to create, you are “ashamed of the level of disdained?” You have got to be joking. BP, you speak with so many tongues and I have told you this before, it is probably wise for one person, the senior person who writes this site (we can tell because his grammar is much better and would never use the word “disdained”) to respond to posts. The inconsistencies are glaring and the statements you make about writing another hatchet piece because the truth came out only strikes against what you try to portray as straight up journalism. Man, you really can’t be serious or expect anyone to take you serious about this stuff.

    Anyway, thats old hat and you have a thousand posts from me on that subject so I don’t expect any of that to register with you. Let me focus on some of the other comments you made and try to figure out why you haven’t even bothered to respond to any of the questions I asked at the end of my last post. I will give you a few more.

    Why are you still referring to this “dark horse” when the world knows it is Paul Moss?
    Why are you not confirming that the 23 year old boy who went to Christie’s wife, not Christie, to talk, not read, is none other than Erin Ferguson?
    Why have you not bothered to dig into the real reason why that boy and his people have an ax to grind with Perry that has nothing to do with his leadership or lack thereof but instead because of a land deal they thought Perry was stupid enough to do for them? I could give you plenty details on that one. Why haven’t you dug deeper into just who and what the “dark horse” is dealing with that caused him not to be in the FNM and may cause him not to be in the PLP much longer? Hardcore FNM got it right, plenty things about this stinks but BP is picking and choosing what to share because they have this Perry hatred thing going on and anyone who dares question them or refute the lies is seen as a “goon.”

    They are about change alright. What kind of change will be seen when the stories behind the business dealings of these people become public but I know one thing, we can’t count on Bahamas Press to tell that story because its too close to home for them and it doesn’t involve Perry.

    Now this phony indignation at Hardcore FNM cracked me up. BP left that comment there and only acted after Altec and others ask them to step in. We know why. Its either because BP wrote it himself or because cussing is okay as long as Perry Christie is being cussed. Either way, we all see the fake outrage like it had neon lights around it. I told you before when you came down on me for language, use the same switch for everyone, including yourself, otherwise, quit the whining. We can take it.

    And finally, a quick walk back in time on this site’s archive will reveal that once again, BP is twisting the facts to suit its own arguments. The PLP Webmaster was banned not because of cussing but because he was calling names. You deleted his posts but you left yours but some of us remember that one. The cussing he did on this site was posted by Bahamas Press, not him. He wrote you a letter and it was filled with profanity but it was also filled with some interesting facts about what happens behind the scenes and who the players are and you published the letter and added his name to it. We know this because the letter was also on Bahamas Issues and it didn’t have his name on it. Now, who should be slammed for that? BP, you put the cussing on the site. I had to go back and check because your last post had me wondering if my memory was working right. Fellow BP readers, go back through the archives and see for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Do it before BP can clean up the crime scene. LOL. It was BP who tried to say the PLP Webmaster was responsible for Omar Archer getting shot and put a photo of the man on this site. You can connect those dots yourself. See how wonderful technology is BP? Facts right at your fingertips.

    But seriously BP, I’m looking forward to your post on Sunday and I hope you do your research because I’ve been doing mine and I’ll be happy to take you up on the offer to share the news. Oh, wait, the offer was only good if it was bad stuff about Perry eh? Let me know. Its some interesting stuff about these same people you putting all your hopes and dreams in and they are by no means squeaky clean or agents of change. At least not change for the better. I’ll be into golf at 3 but I will check out the tale and have a good one over it.

  4. @Altec
    Well let me say this Altec, since many of you did not hear the edict read to Christie Bahamas Press this Sunday at 3PM, will outline it for the public to see. “BE IT RESOLVE Perry Christie is NO LONGER FIT TO LEAD THE PLP!” This Sunday at 3PM!

    Let me tell you Altec, this blog will unseat your leader! Serve him the warning from us. Perry Gladstone will be UNSEATED by a DARK HORSE! And Bahamas Press will cause Perry GLADSTONE CHRISTIE to once again make history.

    He will become the first leader of the PLP to be toppled at a convention! Christie it is time to go and when you go, your twin Hubert is NEXT!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    HARDCORE to you we say BEHAVE! That is not the language in this country!

  5. Sorry BP. Sorry man. I see yall remove my post but das alright I know dem PLPs was ga twist your arm and come after me. But das alright BP I respect the blog. BUT SOMETHING SMELL BAD BAD BAD.

    WHY is all these people up Christie’s “gluteus maximus” and can’t smell something stinks!

    Se BP I been to a lil school too.

  6. @WOW!
    Ummmm on that WOW, let us wait to really tell you who that will be. Follow us on this one. By the end of the day The Progressive Liberal Party will have new leadership in EVERY OFFICE of the party, from the Leader to the Chaplain. What for it, Change is Coming…..WOW!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. BP, you always manage to spin things around. How can you accuse me, JT and WOW for the “level of disdain on this blog today! Particularly to this post.”

    There was civil debate going on until a comment made by a poster named HARDCORE FNM made statements about PC and HI feces! You have rightfully deleted his post, but for you to blame the tone of this blog on us is wrong! But thats your way of running away from the questions put to you by JR. Thats what you do a lot, deflect.

    No one affects the tone of this blog greater than you. Your the one that is always calling someone some degrading name or trying to slime someone. Your pointing fingers at other when your the main culprit. Whose comments has more disdain and hate in it than yours?

    I am noticing though that when people question your facts, you totally ignore there questions, deflect attention to something else or start calling posters names. Cant we question your facts? You a mini MUGABE aye?

    The fact is many people see you for what you are, a disgruntled PLP who probably didnt get what they wanted from PC and now your hatred is leading you to bring him down. In the mean time you throw some shots at the FNM and the media all the while claiming objectivity.

    I bet there are more post about PC on this blog than any other topic and i bet they are all negative. So much for objectivity.

  8. I am shamed by the level of disdained I see being portrayed on this blog today! Particularly to this post. We never intended this to run the way it has. Obviously Christie goons are out in full force to defend his WUTLESS legacy, but we’re not surprise by this.

    People like WOW, ALTEC and JR are colour blind; seeing only shades of yellow. To put it into a better perspective they are caught in the sickness of YELLOW FEVER! Defecating on themselves every time we say something about their WUTLESS AGING LEADER, Perry ‘Pussy Cat’ Christie.

    We have nothing to prove, in fact, Jr confirmed that a ruckus was inside the Christie compound. And it was so bad he called from somewhere, possibly the bedroom into the living room, to ear drop on the details.

    Now if he could do that and not give an account, why can’t we do the same and give an account. It proves that some people will not have it when it comes to Christie. But that’s ok, cause there is PLENTY MORE to this story. And that story is deeper than we explained! So stay tuned!

    Oh and on the Wutless Webmaster point Jr, why are you defending him? He is man, right? He can’t defend himself? He know this blog so well we had to race his WUTLESS self from coming on here. And guess why? Yes you guessed it, FOR CUSSING! For having a dutty mouth! For being an unbridled filthy tongue PLP! For that he earned the name “THE WUTLESS WEBMASTER”!

    We say no more on him. When ever you see him for us JR, tell him to enjoy his snapshots of fame on BP and stop complaining.

    The day we told him, “STAY OUTTA CHRISTIE BEDROOM” I hope you see, he never returned on BP.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. NO NO NO people we ain’t going there today. This offensive language is not the NATURE OF THIS BLOG! STOP, STOP STOP!!!!!!!!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. media :
    @Hardcore FNM
    Hardcore what is this? Ech, what in the HELL IS THIS? This website is rated G! Come one man, why must we stoop to such low when you know this site is rated G! PLEASEEEEEEEE! FOR THE LOVE OF NATURE STOP!
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Thank you for deleting his post BP. We all have our own opinions, but one has to sink that low to make a point, then you dont have a point to make.

  11. @Hardcore FNM
    Hardcore what is this? Ech, what in the HELL IS THIS? This website is rated G! Come one man, why must we stoop to such low when you know this site is rated G! PLEASEEEEEEEE! FOR THE LOVE OF NATURE STOP!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. @Altec

    Altec :BP all i am going to say is this, come convention time, let the chips fall where they may.
    As for this “dark horse” who will challenge Christie: I have said before and i will say it again, the only person in the PLP who can make a legitimate run for leader of the party other than PC is Bernard Nottage.
    If Paul Moss challenges PC at convention, as it seems he will, he will get slaughtered. Dont do it Paul. Dont abort your young political career. Hit the trenches and prove yourself. Thats how you get noticed.

    I totally agree…at the end of the day the people will make the final decision talk is cheap.

  13. BP, Hardcore FNM’s post (#24) needs to be deleted. thats over the line. There is no need to talk like that about HAI and PC!

  14. I have sen the Ferguson brothers on tv, but I do not know which is which. A certain high ranking PLP seems to like the brown one though, as he had the young man’s pictures all over his website. We know what he into, so I can figure the rest…

  15. Let me start by saying that until last week, I hadn’t been on BP for over a month to say anything about Perry or anything else so I don’t know what you running on with about defending Perry. Check your archives BP, you know that. I have been reading but not writing because I don’t have the time like I used to to do that and other people started seeing the same things I saw and responded to your stories. Lets get that straight. Everyone knows I support Perry but more importantly, I don’t care for how you always try to sneak an attack on him when he has nothing to do with what you are writing about. We know what you are trying to do and it is backfiring because the more you attack him, the more people defend him. Ask Altec and Wow and the others. LOL. But to each his own. You got your pony in the race and I got mine so may the best horse win.

    Now, BP, you seem to be forgetting that last week you first hinted that you had the story and you promised to deliver on Sunday past. You mussey changed your mind or forgot or didn’t have all the news yet eh?

    Nevertheless, it isn’t my place to talk about what goes on behind closed doors because I wasn’t there and even though I got it while it was going down along with some side info, the last time I checked, you were the one who writes this blog, not me. I was on the phone with a friend who is a regular there and they held the line open for me to hear because if anyone came to me and said Erin did that to Mr. or Mrs. Christie who were very close to him, I wouldn’t believe it. I didn’t have to share that BP but you printed a story that was an over hyped version of what happened and I had to say something. Remember the last time I tried to give you a story and how you sat on it and did nothing like the same wutless media you criticized and then you finally mentioned it when I. Ranfurly Brown went to court? Then you didn’t even have the decency to say who the “blogger” was who gave you the scoop months before it went public. I learnt my lesson man. You got the keys to the site and the deep throats, so why you trying to rap my knucks for not doing YOUR job?

    Besides, I doubt I could write the story as colorfully as you could or add a little extra to what happened.

    Now the one part you got mostly right, and even then you embellished it, was what Christie had to say to Erin when he came in and met that boy and his wife talking. He did say exactly or close to what you printed but he didn’t scream or beat his chest or none of that. It was almost like he was amused and he didn’t stick around to talk to Erin after that so Erin didn’t deliver nothing to Christie. The conversation was mostly with Mrs. Christie and unless the screaming started after that boy left, I don’t know how you could say she was screaming. LOL. But I guess the true story isn’t as exciting eh?

    @TDL: I never attacked Erin. I asked BP to look into the background of the people who line up against Perry for Paul because they are not as clean as they present themselves. Erin and his family thought because they were up in Perry’s house everyday and night that they were entitled to 1,000 acres of our Crown Land and because Perry didn’t give it to them, he has to go. Thats what i said and if you consider that “attacking” Erin, so be it. Its a fact and Erin is welcomed to dispute it. The records of the request are there. Now if I were to attack Erin, I would go into his personal affairs and who he hangs out with and what they’re all into, but I didn’t do that. What he and his family wanted Perry to do for them is a known fact, obviously not widely known, but known and was wrong. And its a shame because that represents the same “all for me baby” crap BP talks about changing from. But seriously, I doubt BP was in the room, unless BP is Erin. Are you?

    Now to this Paul Moss thing. I don’t know why BP isn’t just coming out and saying what he’s into. Paul was all over the place talking about leading the PLP and was begging for votes in Grand Bahama with Erin and Troy in tow. That is out there and people know that and for BP to keep saying “dark horse” only shows that on this story, BP is a bit behind the 8 ball. Since BP wants me to drop some stories for him, let me ask you this one. How come you ain’t write how the biggest supporter of Paul said that if he serious about running against Perry, he could kiss St. Cecilia bye bye because she run things there and Perry is her leader?

    Before I go, let me ask BP this one last thing. How come the PLP Webmaster is still so wutless to you yet week after week, you have his photos and videos on your site? You have the town meetings with him all up in it on this site again and his work with the Saunders beach people. Can’t be that wutless if you can’t resist shamelessly stealing his work eh? Your top story is all his “wutless work”. Maybe BP needs to get wutless too eh? Anyway, i gone. I’m working out of the office more so I can’t be on BP as I used to be to write, but I do read and I’ll be interested to see what comes next.

  16. Now I am really confused. Are you calling Paul Moss the “dark horse”? A dark horse is an unknown contender. As far as I know, Ferguson supports Moss. Everybody know Moss and that he running for leader. He does not fit the definition of dark horse. BP, is Paul Moss your so called dark horse or is there another contender out there? Or are you simply muddying the waters again.


  18. JR and altec- Christie gatta Go!! Erin should not have been attacked on this site by JR. JR reminded me of the branch meeting in Marco City last night. Some one got up and said they are running for a position and also noted that they will not be supporting Christie. Well blow me down. The stalwarts(Old Peoplee) say well if he isnt supporting Perry then what he here for? He aint no PLP…I said Christie is not god. The PLP is bigger than one man. He has every right to challenge and support whom ever. We live in a Bahamas where we have uneducated people brainwashed who has the influence to keep this man in place while the country suffers. They dont want no young individual as deligates to Convention. BP they scared but I will tell you this: This is not the last convention before the elections. Either one PUSSY CAT PC GONE!!!!!!!!!!

  19. @Altec

    But look at it this way Altec, Jr never thought to tell you what happened in the compound. Why BP had to tell you what happen?


  20. @Altec
    Well who told you Bahamas Press is one individual? By now ALtec you could figure it out by now, BP is everywhere! Who tell you BP was not that same person who had Jr listening to the bustup?

    Trust us we was there in the room and THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED! Push us lil more and we ga tell you what some a the others had to say. This BP man!

    You don’t think if we knew Madison was in Pennsylvania, and how the top cops was slapping down to the floor one another, we wouldn’t know what gone down at the Christie Compound? PLEASE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  21. media :
    BP was in the room…
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    BP i dont want to call you a liar, but you couldn’t have been in the room because in your own post you reveal you wasnt. By using the phrase “Bahamas Press has learned” means you are not an eye witness but rather received this information from a source, after the fact.

    Further more, if you was in the room, then why did it take you almost a week (according to the first paragraph) to post this story? knowing your hatred for PC, if you was really in the room, this story would have gone up in 5 seconds with an accompanying audio clip.

    How i see it, someone on the phone listening to the actual conversation is more credible than someone getting the info second or third hand.

    This is just another attempt by you to take a small incident and make a mountain out of nothing. Stretching the information, any information that has to do with PC.

    This “EDICT” may have happen, but it i wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt as dramatic as you are trying to make it out too be. I

  22. @Altec
    Ask jr, he say he was ears dropping. NOTICE, like a peeping tom, he was all up on Christie phone…LOL! What is the back story doesn’t matter, THE FACT IS, AN EDICT WAS READ TO THE CHRISTIES!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  23. @Altec
    His version? What version? One paragraph and Jr has compiled a two hour event? You gata be kidding us Altec. He was on the phone ears dropping….LOL! He could say who was saying what! BP was in the room, boy listen, if we can tell you just what the persons who agreed with the edict had to say and who they were. But we will not do that!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  24. @JR
    JR, thank you for answering some of the questions i had and telling another side of the story!

    BP in your response i notice you arent denying anything that JR said. His version contradicts your second/third hand account somewhat and he shed more light on the players than you did (for obvious reasons). You is something else!

  25. @JR
    What happen my boi JR? Mannnnnn you was on the phone getting a BLOW BY BLOW account of the edict reading and didn’t tell us? Come one Jr you could do better than that!

    But now everyone, all the people who read BP knows JR is a Christie compound insider. He knew what happened, but couldn’t share it with us. Boy Jr you worse than the WUTLESS WEBMASTER! LOL!

    Well blow me down! Christie gat a match in his house and one of BP bloggers listening on the phone…LOL! What is this, Jr was on the phone? WELL BLOWN ME DOWN!

    And you don’t have to worry about us blocking you, we know when we talk about Christie, you’ll be right here to defend the PUSSY CAT!

    JR was on the phone getting a blow by blow account yall [Falling out my chair] Christie phones tap, vell muddo!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  26. this story is so full of lies and BS that the easy way to absorb this is to just think of it as a fantasy. First of all, why is BP shielding the identity of the person supposedly “reading the edict” in the Christie’s home to Mr. Christie? Why is BP claiming this was done by a “contender” when in fact, that was not the case? BP, you need to come clean and tell the Bahamas that it was Erin Ferguson of Coconuts who stood in the Christie home and said what he had to say to Perry Christie. You must also come clean and say that there was no screaming or shouting. That is a lie. I was fortunate to be on the phone to a good friend who was there and they held the phone open to hear and while it was a spirited confrontation and I give Erin props for being bold and brassy about it, the way you characterize it here is not true.

    Now if you really want to get into the story, why don’t you talk about how this same Mr. Ferguson admitted at that meeting that he was disgruntled with Perry because when his Pa was alive, and the PLP in power, Ferguson wanted Christie to give them 1,000 acres of Crown Land on Andros for a $50 Million project? Why don’t you talk that? I know why. Its because you got your information third hand and that part was conveniently left out because they are all trying to prop themselves up as some little Obama clones.

    To Troy Garvey, you really need to do better and not let yourself get caught up in the middle of other people’s fights. If you go to fight someone else’s battle, the least you should do is check their motives. Ferguson wanted an “all for me deal” and either through good judgement or just plain old Perry Christie “Late Again” procrastination, Perry didn’t do it for them and they are against him for it. So what does that say about these people? They have dirt on their hands and they’re talking about telling Perry go? BP, you need to do the job you brag about doing and dig deeper on this one. While you digging, go deep on Mr. Change Paul Moss too.

    So when is the story about how Paul wound up in Hubert’s bad books going to come out? I guess it won’t because it doesn’t have anything bad about Perry in it eh? Find out about them IBCs and what Ingraham had to say about that!

    No need to ban me, I’m banning myself. LOL. For now.

  27. BP all i am going to say is this, come convention time, let the chips fall where they may.

    As for this “dark horse” who will challenge Christie: I have said before and i will say it again, the only person in the PLP who can make a legitimate run for leader of the party other than PC is Bernard Nottage.

    If Paul Moss challenges PC at convention, as it seems he will, he will get slaughtered. Dont do it Paul. Dont abort your young political career. Hit the trenches and prove yourself. Thats how you get noticed.

  28. This surely did happen and I was shocked of his behaviour. The Dark horse will win and by the will of the Lord and for the sake of the Country, Christie will be overthrown. The entire leadership will change and the Country will take a new course with its new Captain headed for the new World with a new Vision

    This is my solemn Vow…Age 24 PLP Delagate and Executive Member

  29. If Mrs Christie is back on the Island then Perry is strengthened as she is the power behind the throne.No Leader gives up political power and we must remeber that the current PM of Israel loses Election after election regains power.It is difficult to infiltrate any political party and thats the reason why powerhouses like Cassius Stuart prefer to do it from the third party perspective.I have heard of many new political parties being formed but will wait to see if they attend the town meeting this evening to discuss Saunders Beach.Am disappointed that the BDM did not grab the bull by the horn and get publicity over the new port proposal.Leaders who seek control of any political party must get locked up to prove their commitment.Sir Lynden was on bail for a breach of the peace when he became Premier in 1967.

  30. Even if the dark horse don’t win it will speaks volumes that PC needs to go,as he will indeed get some support. Brave will now go in uncontested.

  31. In the FNM like the PLP party Leaders control delegates::No matter how hard the cries Leaders go when they are ready.While I agree with some of the expressions of Omar,an open fight for leadership in the PLP will result in the challenger being vanguished.With youth on your side time will decide the future Leader.From where I sit I do not see any newcomer to the PLP taking over the Leadership.I am not surprised at Christies demeanour as BP has been goading him for quite sometime and he is pissed.I do not see the gentle approach from Christie anymore and thats a pity.Young people want power now but must remember that persons like Brave had to wait their turn so they need to get to the back of the line.Kenyatta Gibson has made it difficult for any challenger in the PLP to succeed at this time as the old guard like the Chinese and Iranians do not see anyone just jumping in ahnd taking over.Persons challenging the Saunders Beach project are to be commended as they are building a base for future political battles. Yes Omar change will come but from what I know of the PLP newcomers must get inside find political battles and earn their strips.Many seats held by FNMs are up for brabs but I notice no young Turks except for Frizgerald coming forward and challenging the incumbents.

  32. It’s times like these when we are made aware of how much absolute power corrupts the individual. Perry Christie must for the sake of the party resign or step down quietly and allow new ideas to surface that will ultimately lead this country in a more prosperous direction. He must understand that we do not hate him, we’re just tired of him. “He must go and go very soon for God’s sake”. This man is like a father to me and his wife I love dearly, but for my country my love and respect is far greater. The Bahamian people have been held hostage for far too long by these self serving aging ancient tomb politicians. What is it he really wants? It’s about power and money for these guys. It’s no longer about the people. Mother Pratt is bowing out why can’t he? Mr. Christie should really stop his campaign now on his terms of be totally embarrassed this October. Paul Moss can very well defeat him for leadership, maybe not on the grounds of experience but surely on the grounds for a desperate need for change within this great party. Meetings to register delegates are being held in secret. What is this shit? Persons are being invited to joint the party to create a potential voting block to ensure that certain person remain in power. This is clearly a manipulation of the candidate selection process and must be addressed. “PERRY CHRISTIE, PLEASE STAY SO WE CAN VOTE YOU OUT”. THAT WAY THE COUNTRY CAN SEE HOW PUBLICLY WE IN THE PLP REJECTED YOU… What do you want me to say? Thanks for the many committees? Thanks for not addressing the many deaths in PMH’s dialysis unit in Jan. 2007? Thanks for selling over $1 Billion in undeveloped Bahamian land? Thank you for not doing more to protect our children from peadophiles? Thank you for not harkening to the cries of the poor? Whatever buddy, I love you like I did my own father, but big man you better go. CHANGE IS CONSTANT. EMBRACE OR IT, OR RESIST IT. Your choice.. PLP!!!

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