Christie and Hanna-Martin Desperate…Convention headed to the Courts!


plp-rift.jpg<<< PLP leadership under Christie throwing the organization into chaos. Perry Christie, Obie Wilchcombe and Glenys Hanna-Martin.

Nassau, Bahamas — What is wrong with the PLP? At a time when the people of this country are looking for Change, Perry Christie, Obie Wilchcombe and Glenys Hanna-Martin are all becoming desperate!

Both Christie and Hanna-Martin will be kicked out-of-office this OCTOBER! Christie will make history once again. He became the first one-term Prime Minister in the history of the Bahamas and on October 22nd, he will be the first leader of the PLP kicked out of office at Convention!

Bahamas Press is hearing some disturbing news tonight and it confirms that the PLP is still riddled with CORRUPTION AND SCANDAL.

As if ignoring the call to remove Obie Wilchcombe was not already enough to send clouds over the 2009 conclave, BP has learned that a Christie-Hanna move is now afoot to block Paul Moss, B J Nottage and Fred Mitchell from challenging the leadership. Christie is overly DESPERATE, AFRAID AND IS RUNNING SCARED!

In this special called meeting for Gambier House tonight, members of the PLP will be asked to move a resolution to change the dynamics of the upcoming leadership race. One decision at tonight’s meeting is to block the chances of anyone who is not a Member of Parliament from contesting the leadership race. Secondly, the meeting is to also move a resolution to force all undeclared candidates [BJ and Mitchell] to announce their intent to challenge the leader on or before Friday October 8th or such persons will also not be allowed to compete in a race for Leader of the Party. WHAT IS THIS? Democracy dismantled in the PLP? CHRISTIE’S KKK/HITLER style at work LIVE AND IN COLOUR!

The resolutions we are advised were crafted in the Christie Compound. CHRISTIE IS DESPERATE! And if you thought that is all then listen to this.

For the first time in its 57 years of  history, the PLP Chairman in her ‘WUTLESSNESS’, has decided to stymie the rights of scores of delegates in the family islands who are willing to bring CHANGE at the Convention. Bahamas Press has learned that the Chairman has decided to not oversee elections on several islands in the country. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! How could the PLP be so UNDEMOCRATIC? How could they do such a thing to people on whose backs the PLP was built? How could they simply decide to hush the voice of the islanders in this way? This is INCREDIBLE INDEED! And how could a Party of ‘Liberal Views’ become so Conservative and ‘VICKED’? One former PLP in the Pindling Cabinet told BP yesterday, “Yes they’ve Change…From WORSE to ‘WUSSA’! WHERE IS PINDLING? CALL THE POLICE!”

But again we know, CHRISTIE IS DESPERATE! He functions in CHAOS AND CONFUSION! A few days ago a physical altercation occurred in the Eight Mile Rock PLP branch meeting as the Chairman sought to stall the elections there, waiting for her choice delegates to arrive. We are told the police had to be called to the seen of the brawl, which came to blows being thrown and knives pulled. What has Christie done to Pindling’s Party?

Now if Christie and Hanna-Martin think for a moment what they attempt to do tonight will be successful we want them to know this, Bahamas Press, on the advice of a legal mind, will file in the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Stay of Elections proceedings at the PLP Convention. We will stop the EVIL intentions of Christie and Hanna to mute the voices of voters at the upcoming conclave. We will advise the court that the process is flawed and UNDEMOCRATIC!

  • 1)    The Convention Chairman Obie Wilchcombe is also a candidate in the race for a leadership post. And has therefore used his position to influence the dissemination of information to other candidates involved in the race.
  • 2)    The rights of scores of voters on the family islands are being stymie by the Chairman. The Chairman has refused to sit or send a representative to call election of delegates on particular family islands and therefore is blocking the process of free and fair elections from being carried out in the Party.
  • 3)    The Chairman in her capacity as Chair has failed to keep an open and transparent process among her rival candidates. She has refused to share lists of elected delegates with opposing candidates. Evidence confirms that OBIE WILCHCOMBE, PERRY CHRISTIE AND GLENYS HANNA-MARTIN have themselves continued to share lists among themselves against the spirit of democracy!

Bahamas Press will continue to monitor this ‘VICKED’ PLOT BY THE LEADERSHIP OF THE PLP! This is wrong! this is not right! This cannot continue and now its time for the courts to intervene in this MESS/CHAOS perpetrated by the soon to be outgoing leadership of the Party! THE COUNTRY WANTS CHANGE!

PLPs this is time to deliver that CHANGE! Don’t standby and allow these dastard acts of ‘VICKEDNESS’ to take root in your PARTY! We call on PLPs and FNMs all across this country to gather at GAMBIER HOUSE TONIGHT at 7PM and PROTEST AGAINST THESE ‘VICKED’ ACTS OF COMMUNISM NOW BEING CARRIED OUT BY PERRY CHRISTIE, OBIE WILCHCOMBE AND GLENYS HANNA-MARTIN!

Where is the Democracy? Where is the Transparency? Where is the Fair Play? THEY ALL HAVE NO SHAME! Bahamas Press hangs its head down in SHAME SEEING WHAT CHRISTIE has allowed to be done against the islanders who have built the PLP!



  1. Hog wash hog wash nothing of the sort was spoken at council. Why is Fred Mitchell being dragged into this he is a very inteligent gentleman who speaks truth, I ask the question to Examiner are u Freds Mattress or his Partner to make such claims get with it! What will be will be at convention Mr Christie is not afraid of Paul Moss I think He is more worried about the dark horse who will emerge. Follow the facts people stop ASUMING ASSUME this is the word broken into down “ASS-U-Me” ASSUME

  2. @Objective Thought
    I agree with you. Paul Moss could not defeat PC, why is he so scared? People will vote against you no matter what, it really is what the majority thinks. I have been so disappointed with PC and all of the nonsense I hear going on. he loves chaos and that is why he never takes a stand and that is also why he lost!

  3. The leaders in the PLP CANNOT allow such an outrageous process to go on… Why is this happening??? Is it that Paul is running PC scared??? If PC allows this to go on I will be really disappointed in him!! I don’t expect him to win by DEFAULT because it just wouldn’t look good!!

    I will say this now, It will be STUPID to give persons until tomorrow to nominate… What’s that??? PC you have the power to STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW before I loose ALL respect for you!!! I believe in democracy and I will have NO part of a party that take part in such EVIL practices!!!

  4. BP, I am now convinced that you are a closet PLP but you just want PC gone!!! You care about what goes on in the PLP more than I do but I will do my best to be there tonight!! I only live about 10 minutes away!!!

    But seriously though, if this process is allowed to go ahead, I will be real disappointed!!!

  5. A house divide shall soon fall.This ladies and gentleman is when there is no legacy plan.It seems as though these men believe they have a right because they have been there for so many years but what they fail to realize is the era has change (heads in the clouds)THERE is a new generation that will not be fooled and don’t think the ones close to him does not know the time.For those readiong the new time is NOW!the BS has stopped and was buried sorry for you jack we done move on.What he should do is act like an elder stateman and resign and try to assist the new lead with his experience excluding the laziness but you know a habit is not easily broken.

  6. No one I guess, its speculation at this point, I guess we will find out tonight, however, this is a special meetinga s we were informed last meeting that that was the last before convention.

  7. Amendments to the Constitution are approved by 2/3 of the vote at the National General Convention. Any amendements need to be presented at least 14 days prior to the Convention, so tonight’s meeting, if it is for Constitutional amanedments, might be to present such amendments.

    The party conventions in teh USA have nominations from mthe floor, the pracitice in this country has always been nominations from the floor, so I do not see why people have to declare prior to the Convention. I do not support these resolutions.


  9. I watched PC last night on ZNS and this morning am thinking to myself its small wonder he is so confident he will win, he is blocking out the competition. He also mentioned if someone has a problem with his leadership after the race, he can’t work alone with them. That is our problem today if someone opposes, it means their ideas are of no value, dispite the fact that they may be the best solutions presented for the people of the Bahamas by anyone in the party for some years. This just proves that PC is all about himself and not the Bahamian People at large. They’re making it difficult for us to stay PLP with all this racketeering going on.

  10. You people need to stop letting these jokers tell you half the story and lie the rest of the way. Yes, there is a meeting for tonight. That part is true. Yes, Mr. Christie has said that the idea of sneaking into the leadership race or new comers walking into the party with nothing to show and deciding to run for leadership will be something they discuss. None of this is secret. Mr. Christie said this when he was Unscripted ( this weekend with the PLP Webmaster but BP so disgusting, they won’t even acknowledge that. Now if it were something untoward, why would PC say that openly on that show? I watched it all and he said that this convention with these sneaky moves by the names mentioned above and the johnny come lately Paul Moss would be something to discuss. In BP’s hands, it becomes a “hitler/KKK” plot. How jokey could you get BP?

    Now let me crow once again. Months ago when BP was obsessed with calling me Mrs. Christie, I was challenging BP to talk about how Paul Moss was involved with some missing money, in the millions. BP dismissed me and said nothing about it. Now we know why. But once again, something I put to BP has come true. Looks like you’re getting scooped by your own bloggers BP. You should take your nose out of Fred and those other people’s business and put it to better use and follow that up. Not a single word from BP on that story although it was in the papers all of last week and has serious implication for the wannabe leader of the PLP. How much more corrupt can you get than that. You never heard anyone saying that Perry owes them money or stole money from them but here you have this wannabe who ain’t even in the house yet hauled before the courts for a missing million and change.

    I hope you readers see the play here. BP has been bought hook line and sinker to promote the interest of certain people and won’t let the truth get in the way of his lie filled stories. Talk that one BP. Oh, wait, let me guess. You’re not interested in that one like you weren’t interested in the fake email that was tied to your boy eh? See how awkward this is getting when you keep telling lies?

    Actually you have just stated the case for Change, self sufficiency would indeed represent Change and I fas as I remember parties have used this word. We do need CHANGE!!!

  12. @Thomas Finley
    I guess you can come to Gambier house yourself and see what’s going on tonight. I heard the seem thing and my mother is infact an NGC member and she was called to a meeting tonight.

  13. ‘STIMULUS’, ‘THIS COUNTRY NEEDS CHANGE’!! ‘….the people of this country are looking for Change’ Blah!! blah!! flippin’ blah!!!!

    BAHAMAS PRESS – you along with MANY delegates of this country love to do the ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ dance. When did Bahamians start using the word ‘stimulus’? When the Americans did during the Obama campaign. When did Bahamians start to say ‘We Need Change’? When the Americans did during the Obama campaign.

    BP, you guys are getting flippin’ ‘Played Out’ man. This country needs to find IT’S OWN IDENTITY, be INNOVATIVE and stop sneezing and coughing everytime America does. That’s why this country is getting so @#*$ED UP!

    I heard Hubert Ingraham made a statement; ‘….as long as The United States is ok, we will be ok….’ I thought to myself, ‘Famous words of a lazy leader’. REMINDER TO ALL: Obama is the leader of The United States NOT The Bahamas. Obama is working for the betterment of HIS country of which The Bahamas is NOT a part of.

    We don’t need change, we need to be self-sufficient like other caribbean nations. THAT is what we need. Buncha monkeys and puppets.

  14. @Naomi
    The mix up is being created and formented by Fred, His sweetie Rigby, BJ, the boy with the girl name, et al. We need to have them expelled from the PLP for subversive acts. Off with their sissy heads Christie. Man up Punks.

  15. Canesfins can the constitution of the PLP be amended at an NGC meeting or are amendments made at convention?

  16. I have heard rumblings of this but why on earth didn’t Obie just step down to avoid any hint of bias. I never understood that. This man seems to like to be associated with ‘mix up’ My friend was at a meeting and she said it was clear that Hanna Martin came with an agenda, she waited and waited as if she was waiting on someone, even took calls in the middle of the meeting, then someone whispered that she was waiting on Obie’s people! What on earth does he do do these women to cause them to compromise so! I listened to Mother Pratt’s speech on the radio and she seemed angry, it was like I tired of this unfairness, you could hear it , she say at the convention she will be speaking and will leave no stones unturned.Now I also hear they going to attack Mother Pratt at this same meeting for openly supporting Brave, she had to say something. The goons are at HQ and they got it locked down!! It is a shame, I wonder how many times Brave Davis helped to keep that place going, boy FNM really looking good !!

  17. BP, what is wrong with you and your trojan horses?. If a person wants to run, it is my considered view that he/ she or they should declare. In all elections in this country including unions, there is a nominating day and a period to nominate before the election is held so that one is eligable to run. There is nothing wrong with this. Let the punks Man up.

  18. I thought you were who I thought you were,,,, political operative, with the strings being pulled by the (Moss, Mitchell & Knottage), Christie may be in trouble, the formention three are a dubious bunch, all with their eyes on the trophy not obtainable through direct competition. Mitchell & Knottage refuse the race, but like cowards through their names behind who? what? investigate all nominiees…. you will find Perry may be in the race alone.. PLP’s be careful what you wish for….Fire and brimstone does not mean change.. Paul no I mean Mitchell & Knottage puppet is not the answer…

  19. Where is your proof or evidence that this is going on? Where are the newspapers of record, one of the private stations, or even ZNS?

  20. Wow, unbelievable. The FNM allowed Hubert Ingraham to nominate on convention floor, and to not include some Family Islands, SIr Lynden must be rolling over in his grave!! The PLP instead of moving forward is moving backward! I refuse to believe that Hanna Martin is part of this! As national chairman she is mandated to go to all Family Islands and hold elections, this aint true BP. This a woman who fights for fairness and doesn’t compromise her values or so I thought!

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