Christie comes hot last in straw poll taken on national radio – Christie Regime set to appoint Tribune writer to head BIS to help struggling Public Relations…


Christie Cabinet disappointed with PLP PR team and is now turning to the FNM editors and writers….

Tribune writer Paul Turnquest shown here with glasses is set to head BIS to help Christie struggling PR. Another blow for the Tribune.

Dr. Minnis tightens grip on leadership – Beats Christie out in national radio straw poll 91 to 9….

Nassau, Bahamas — When the “the initiator” in a plot to extort $25 million from Hollywood actor John Travolta was exposed in the Bahamas, a hired ghostwriter in the ‘Terlet Paper’ came to the aide of the SNITCH! Birds of a feather indeed do flock together and on that we say no more.

But what is now interesting is that while BP sat deep down like a fly on the wall in the Christie Cabinet and watched the names tossed around as to who will become the new boss for the Bahamas Information Services, the short list was indeed short.

The conclusion is now made and the PLP leaders will now send the ‘Vicked’ Witch of the East to an angry grave. BP has learnt that ghostwriter, Paul Turnquest, is now set to tender his resignation from the Tribune to take up the top job at BIS! He will replace Ed Ellis who was sent home by the PLP.

Well, what in the hell is this? Mama always say, “politics makes strange bedfellows.”

And now a troubled Eileen Carron, who this past week has lost two editors who resigned from the foreign operated newsroom, is now set to lose another Bahamian writer.

And this latest, soon to be announced, breaking report will shock the daylights out of the few PLPs employed at BIS.

Sources tell us the Christie Regime has lost confidence in the abilities of the PLP writers and is now seeking out hardcore FNMs; and we don’t blame them.

One of the press agents connected to Christie’s office has his government red plated vehicle parked up night and day outside his Gay Bar on West Bay Street, feelin’ up a ton a lil boys in the back room.

What in the hell is dis? The press agent was once connected to a defunct party and came through the backdoor of the PLP! Some question if the agent could even write a damn bedtime story; even though some suggest his only skill-sets are in the bed.

But now that the Christie Regime smells blood in the water, and with just months to go before election season reopens, the desperate outgoing group is set to try anyone and anything to help its struggling voter support and Christie’s poor, bankrupt and destitute leadership record.

In a poll conducted on Monday with “State of the Nation” host Kevin Harris, the question was put “if elections were called today between Christie, McCartney and Minnis who would you choose for Prime Minister?”

FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis won the straw poll with 91 Votes with DNA Leader Branville McCartney coming in second with 65 votes.

Sitting Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie came in hot last with only nine (9) Votes. As one politico in the PLP said following the show, “We are in deep doo-do.” In the Japanese culture nine is known to be an unlucky number because in Japanese the word for nine sounds similar to the word for “pain” or “distress”.

We report yinner decide!