Christie Greets Bahamians on the 38th Anniversary of Independence

Perry Christie, Leader of the Opposition



My fellow Bahamians,

As we celebrate our 38th anniversary of nationhood, let us be ever mindful of our collective responsibility to continuously define and promote our unique Bahamian identity on this global stage.

As Bahamians, we take great pride in our free, modern, democratic state called the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. With this national pride comes national responsibility to further develop and deepen our democracy. I encourage every Bahamian to participate in civil society to continue this progressive and noble course.

We as Bahamians have every reason to be proud of our national accomplishments in just thirty-eight short years, but just as we proudly proclaim success in many areas of national development, we must acknowledge the many challenges that confront us and the shortcomings that plague us.

We must therefore commit ourselves and redouble our efforts to promote social justice, advance Bahamianization, strengthen our social infrastructure, arrest the scourge of crime that threatens our way of life, protect our territorial borders, restore and expand our economy with economic justice as our principal driver and guard our heritage.

Yes, it is this generation’s responsibility to stand on the shoulders of nation builders before them, boldly and fearlessly confront and conquer our national challenges and deliver to the next generation of Bahamians, a stronger, safer, richer and a more civil Bahamas; you must not and cannot shirk from this awesome task. Our country demands, expects and deserves no less of you, our young, strong and ambitious sons and daughters. This is my charge to young Bahamians everywhere.

In closing I wish the Bahamas a happy 38th Birthday and may Almighty God continue to guide, bless and sustain us. Our best days are indeed ahead of us.

Long live the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


    • @K4C Thats the idea media, outlets (newspapers, news stations, avertisement agencies) usually use younger photos of celebrities and authority figures to give them a more flattering look. It’s like the opposite of what BP does with old red eyes Ingraham.

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