Churchman deep in hospital battling COVID19 after a huge family party!


NASSAU| A leading churchman is trying to cling to life tonight in hospital as he is suffering from COVID19 after that big Junkanoo Rush. 

The churchman has a huge family who he adores. The churchman was not a believer in COVID19  before contracting the virus. So much so that his family held a big party for a relative who had retired. 

The crowd gathering has backfired on the family. Many of the relatives – who still shop in many of the local stores – have all contracted COVID19.

At the party there was eating and drinking for days. Almost no one wore a mask and the risk is now paying off. The family is in quarantine and the churchman is deep in the hospital clinging onto life.

All we say is this: PROTECT YOURSELF!

We report yinner decide!