City Markets responds to AML Foods Chairman’s Attack on Women



Sunday Febuary 27th, 2011 –

On Friday February 25th I read with some degree of amusement and disappointment remarks made by the Chairman of AML, Mr. Dionisio D’Aguilar in an interview with the Tribune newspaper. Mr. D’Aguilar’s characterization of our mostly female executive team as “neophytes” marks a blatant disregard for the combined professional experience of this female management team and the ability of women in these respective roles.

His classification that we have “no food retail experience, having mostly come from luxury goods” begs a response. You see the new owners and management of Bahamas Supermarkets Limited, the parent company of City Market, is very committed to creating a new shopping experience for our loyal customers whose opinions we hold in high regard.

This approach is evidenced by the fact that we just don’t sit in board rooms or in our executive offices and make decisions, but we can be found, on a daily basis, strolling through the City Market aisles speaking with our associates and guests. The AML Chairman’s resistance to connecting the dots between ‘retail and luxury’ may be something he comes to regret, as our focus at City Market is to afford our thousands of customers nothing but the BEST.

Mr. D’Aguilar must appreciate the fact that numbers don’t lie, and if he compares the sales figures of BSL/City Market and AML during the period November 2010 thru January 31st, he would find that sales at AML declined, while sales at City Market grew and continues to grow;  not bad for a “neophyte” team.

Dionisio D’Aguilar

I caution Mr.  D’Aguilar to remember that women are the Chief Financial Officers in most households and they are the gender that does most of the shopping.

His attack on our publication of the executive management team as being “splashed across the newspapers” is unfortunate. We are proud of our executive team – in particular because they are women, they are mothers and they are the primary shoppers. The combined professional experience of our team is extremely sound and one that is already yielding successes for our company. I invite the public to come see our changes over the coming months.  This is not business as usual… nor should it be.  I am proud as CEO to lead this team, and I suggest Mr. D’Aguilar consider an amendment to his spelling of the word “neophytes” when referring to this team to “neofights“.

Benita Rahming
CEO BSL/City Market


  1. The truth is the truth! They are all beginners in the supermarket industry. So we need some kind of continuity in that industry, not people that have no idea of what they are doing. Remember you just can’t park a container of perishable goods outside the store, and leave it like they would do at Burns House, and then Solomon Mines! There is something now called refrigeration, and that must be dealt with right away, and not be going home at 1pm on Friday afternoons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Home boy just mad that these women are a part of the company that is going to buy Solomons and Cost Rite and he won’t be the chairman no more. Call a spade a a spade. I hope Mark is successful because we don’t need these pompous arrogant a-holes like this boy running around talking fool. His Pa built his business and handed it to him, so he should be the last one talking about neophyte when he ain’t do a damn thing to build Superwash except sit back and ride on Vincent’s coat tails.

    • “His Pa built his business and handed it to him, so he should be the last one talking about neophyte when he ain’t do a damn thing to build Superwash except sit back and ride on Vincent’s coat tails.”

      Oh boy Rodney. You carrying on! I’ve met him. A silently mean person, not going to help no Bahamian out, very much has a “my sh*t don’t stink” attitude and look on his face.

  3. non news. Neophytes are exactly what they are. Whether they do a good job or not doesn’t change the fact that they are new to the game – so what BP is describing as an “Attack on Women” is just an unimpressive attempt to get the sheep to continue following and make noise without ever trying to be objective.

    READ BAHAMAS and learn to make our own educated decisions and stop making noise because Huberts says so or because Perry says so or because BP says so

  4. Correct me if i’m wrong. But a “Neophyte” is a rookie, or a novice, or someone or something that is new. So if that is correct why are these women taking offense? I mean it is a NEW thing to have women run such a market. I also think it is a good thing hence their high sales and profits figures. Surely Mr.D’Aguilar wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. SEEMS LIKE THOSE CHICKS HAVE THEIR PANTIES IN A BUNCH. ‘pun intended’

  5. Mr. D’Aguilar is sadly mistaken if he thinks that his elitist snobery will be tolerated by the women of this country. Folks who persist in believing that foreign is better will do so to their own detriment. They ought to be very careful what they wish for (foreign investment) and what they say about Bahamians. The day of retribution is moments away.

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