BP Cries Shame on ColinaImperial for Putting the Squeeze on the Elderly


s-mother<<< An Elderly Woman helped into a car. Bahamas Press condemns the wicked attack by ColinaImperial on the elderly in the Bahamian community. (file Photo)

Nassau, Bahamas: Just when we thought the stormy seas had settled at the tumultuous ColinaImperial Insurance company complaints have come into Bahamas Press that the company owned by attorney and media boss, Emmanuel Alexiou, is now putting the squeeze on the ‘Precious Pearls’ of our nation.

“I have two insurance policies at ColinaImperial for decades,” said an 80-year-old Bahamas Press reader. “I’ve been a customer of both Colina and Imperial Life before they joined up. About three years ago this company called me up and told me that one my insurance policy with them, that I pay religiously every month, was lapsed years ago and they were cutting me off.

“I told them to show me proof as I know I have always paid my polices and on time, they offered no solution and said they are cutting off my policy. So all those years of money went down the drain. I went to person after person there to try to fix the problem and I was passed on from department to department and came out with nothing. I cried as I have had that policy so long and I realize these people were robbing me!”

The elderly citizen said some of the people at ColinaImperial were helpful but some seemed frustrated and were quite rude. The citizen demanded to speak to an executive but the request was denied.

She was recently called again by ColinaImperial, this time an inquiry is being made on the elderly citizen’s other current policy.

“I don’t know what they trying to do to me,” the elderly citizen continued. “Every month my daughter drives me up that hill to pay when I go to pay my utilities. Now they saying again I am lapsed and they don’t want to explain. It’s the same person who called me before. I told her I am calling my lawyer. I am not going to let this insurance company rob me again, cause I want my children to have money to bury me when the Lord calls me home,” She told Bahamas Press.

Unfortunately that is not the only senior citizen with complaints about that insurance mogul. Bahamas Press has received several similar complaints from elder policyholders. One such similar incident involved a government worker who was about to retire but was told that his policy had lapsed despite that payment for his insurance is directly paid from his bank account. Who is protecting the ELDERLY FROM THIS WICKED PLOT BY COLINA?

“Some man called my house talking fool ’bout he was dong an insurance survey or some nonsense,” said a former female policyholder of ColinaImperial. “I gave him a belly full before he could get off the phone. I don’t know who he is but I feel it was one of them Colina people trying to finish me off. He wanted to know if I was satisfied with the service at my insurance company. I hope he tell his boss what I say.

“Colina is full of a pack of thieves. I paid my insurance for years. Many many many years and for no reason they cancelled my policy telling me I didn’t pay it for years. I tried everything to make them see my proof and what not and every time I took my receipts to them and was pleading my case, they brush me off and went to their computers for their lying proof and I lost all that money that I paid for all those years. Now I am uninsured and too old to get no insurance,” the former policyholder cried.

Bahamas Press was aware of all the foolishness ColinaImperial was doing – firing countless employees, playing God with people’s mortgages, but never would Bahamas Press have felt that ColinaImperial would have sank so low as to be hustling and robbing the elderly of this nation like street thugs!

Shame on you ColinaImperial, what new depths would you sink to now??


  1. I reckon I’ve seen and heard it all.Speak Omar,speak especially if you have facts.You are also reminded that the world reads this site.So if you have facts bring it forth and let the chips fall where they may.Keep in mine you are also threaten you policial future.

  2. JR: Thank you for your clearing up the meaning of my chosen “moniker”. I,too, do petition Media to expunge all the obscene language and innuendo in Mr. Archer’s contributions. While I have much sympathy for his plight, there is a right and wrong way to go about a remedy.

  3. JR, You haven’t experience what Mr. Omar Archer has, so you cannot expect him to react to situations the way you would. I don’t know Mr. Archer, but if someone would have shot me with a gun and almost killed me, to be honest, I might have kill their entire family… see, I don’t think Mr. Archer is all that bad.
    People need to be aware of the “root cause” as to why people behave the way they do.
    Example, Mr. P. Christie, reminds us of his high school days when he did not perform as he should in school, he was given another chance. He is conditioned to having a second chance.

  4. There is a proper way to go about things and being extreme for the sake of being extreme, isn’t the way. How can anyone seek to fix problems in society when they are actively contributing to the problems by their own actions?

  5. I once said Omar Archer talks too much, but now I realize Mr. Archer is on to something in this country. He is on to something all of us feel, but YET only he and BP are standing up to speak up against. Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!
    We’ve been led into a wilderness by successive governments. And it SEEMS the only true change would come by political extremist. We need to get to a point where corrupt individuals are afraid to run for politics.
    And for those who think the PLP would regain power next general election WAKE UP! It will not happen. The PLP is now fighting an INTERNATIONAL BATTLE! Mr. Christie, spoke about “EXTERNAL FORCES” but that is his problem, if he did not stop the external forces, while he had the power, we are all in deep trouble, and MAYBE soon looking from the outside, and wondering WHAT HAPPENED? Many foreigners are becoming Bahamian citizens who would be able to vote soon. Do anyone travel around this island like I do. (Nassau) can’t you see the amount of foreign people that resides here? Bahamians are out numbered now. We all are late. Again!

  6. Kim, I can’t let you brush this off as Omar having a lot on his plate. We all do and as mad as I get reading what Joe Blow and Call it write sometimes, even Media, i don’t see no one running on with stuff like Omar is. He is losing his mind right before our eyes and we need to call him on his actions instead of coddling him. His son is the one with the mental situation, not him. Omar, you lost a lot of respect with these posts and you lost a lot of support for your various other sensible causes. This isn’t something that can be smoothed over by kissing up to Kim. You wrong for how you conduct yourself and if Kim is too sweet to tell you, then God bless her but I will. I will because like Kim said, in a family, you have to help each other and this is my version of slapping some sense into you. You should understand that because unlike how you handled your son, I’m talking to you and telling you why you are wrong.

  7. Boy this is some crap eh? Media, I got a beef with you. When i slipped a curse word, you came down on me in the same post. Why you hiding your response to Omar and why is it so weak? YOu think Omar is going to threaten you too eh? Do your job man and be consistent and fairl Omar is out of order big time and he needs to go chill and talk to God.

    Omar, you I have to say, is a damn fool. How do you expect anyone to have any kind of respect for you when you can’t respect yourself? How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you have the above posts as proof that not only are you crazy, but you’re pretty stupid too? Then you do the same thing you always do, you turn around and give a shallow apology. Right now, the biggest threat to the PLP, my party, isn’t the gays. Its idiots like you. YOu are the biggest problem because don’t know how to conduct yourself and you are so off this planet Sandilands may not be enough for you. I don’t even know which piece of garbage you threw out there to start with first. Lets start with your step son. If you say that your son has diminished mental capacity, why then did you beat him up? Wouldn’t it make sense to just make your point by talking to him? If he is at the level of a 15 year old, then do you think fighting him is going to teach him anything? Who’s to say this isn’t the first time you put your hands on him? Maybe he was getting the gun for your backside. YOu need to talk that.

    On the sissy thing, I have news for you buddy. Sissy in the FNM and sissy in your old party too and sissy voters right there in Kennedy too. If you want to rid the party of sissies, then I have to ask you who made you Jehovah God, or like you like to call him, Emmanuel? Are you the judge of man or is that the job of the real master? Furthermore, if the PLP is riddled with sissies, then why are you there? If you don’t go to their meetings, then why are you there? If you don’t want to be there then simply go back where you came from. You are an insult to every supporter of the PLP and every sensible Bahamain because you are trying to reduce the party down to sexuality. Only an idiot would do that and do that openly and let me remind you buster, you are no Bruce Golding.

    Intolerance and violence seems to be your calling card. I wonder who will support you in that regard anymore? I know me and Call It don’t go two step but I have to join them in telling you that the fork is in you, you’re on the plate and the gravy is getting cold because you are done. And the sad thing is all the other real good things that you started to do will go to waste because you just showed people what a nutjbob you are. As for Joe Blow, you are so stupid you don’t know Joe Blow is an accepted expression meant to mean Regular guy? I see they don’t have have a thesaurus under that rock you’re living under. I hope the PLP kicks you to the curb sooner than later and if they don’t trust me, I will be on their case to do so. now call me sissy and see if that bothers me. Idiot. No wonder Cassius was around town warning people about you.

  8. BP family we need to be concern and care for each other, especially when we can sense all is not well with one of our member. Sometimes a little encouragement or a kind word can do so much.

  9. Hi Omar, thanks for your kind words as usual. Omar I will not lie to you, reading your posts, it is obvious to me and the other readers that you seems to be going through a lot. Right now is time to breathe in and out and become calm. Remember the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord. You can not fight these battles by yourself; you need to include God in the picture. You should never allow people to affect you so much that you forget all your morals. I understand that you maybe hurting because of some wrong you believe was done to you, but you need to ask God his directions right now. This morning I prayed for you to overcome all your obstacles and for you to be happy once again and to continue to make positive contributions to this country.

  10. Thank you my fellow blogger. I am truly humbled may God continue to bless you and your family. I respect straight talk… I am very sorry if I my language was that offensive. I will take your advice to heart and repent of my sins. I am quite serious about this…God bless

  11. Good Morning Mr. Archer,
    I just wanted to let you know that I prayed for you this morning. This country is falling apart at every seam and it is obvious that our leaders have no clue how to fix it – only prayer can help. As I prayed against this spirit of anger and suicide that has taken over this country, I called you by name to the Lord and asked Him to heal you of your anger, bring justice to those who wronged you and bring repentance to you in the areas you may have gone wrong.

    Be well Mr. Archer. Be well.

    (I’m off to work now and cannot access BP from my office. I will check in to BP this evening to see if things got better for you)

  12. Morehand we have had many very good discussions prior to now and that is the only reason why I have not insulted you this morning. I really respect your views. So much so I will actually consider taking your advice and tune it down a bit. But remember “Pain makes man think, Thought makes man wise, but his wisdom makes life endurable”

    John Patrick

  13. Speak up it’s your given right. Stop being so coward like. What are you all afraid off?

  14. MOREHANDS- come on why can’t one tell the truth about what is really going on in this country? When the truth is told, the first thing you hear is lawsuit,, censorship, and other nonsense. Why is that? Politics have all of you so screwed up you have forgotten what it means to tell the truth at all cost. I am tired of insulting you politically blinded fools. It seems to me every generation has it’s share of those who are afraid of the truth being told much less voicing the truth themselves. I am so sorry for you idiots. Your children must be totally ashamed of you all.

  15. PETITION!!

    Morehands calls for the immediate censoring of one Mr. Omar Archer Jr. from posting derogatory, degrading, profane, vulgar and otherwise nasty comments on this blog.

    BP was a whole better place before he showed up. We all welcomed him with open arms, tried to work with his uncontrolled antics, gave him ample warnings and great advice. But clearly he is a mad man in need of not only psychological but spiritual help. And based upon some of the comments he posted above, pretty soon he will need more legal help.

    Omar Archer to be censored on Bahamas Press – FORTHWITH!!

  16. WELL MUDDOS. BahamasPress just took a long dive off a shallow cliff and ended up in a pile of ____________.

    Its 3am in the morning and I just finished working on a late office proposal to bring some financial stimulus to my economic package. i stop by BO before heading to bed to read all this bunch of degrading garbage.


    BP!! MEDIA!! Are you just sitting back watching and waiting for this guy to share all his profane PLP dirt on an open blog for juice. WHERE ARE THE STANDARDS?? AT WHAT PRICE BP??? AT WHAT PRICE???

    The Anglican Church Service is over Media. Get back to monitoring your blog!!

  17. Hi Kim My dear, How have my favorite blogger been? Great to read your posts again…just to weigh in on this Colinaimperial issue, just calla spade a spade..He’s a damn “THEIF”. People suffering while he lives like a king…

  18. The way I see it Alexiou is a very cold man, whose main focus is how much businesses he can own and how much money he can earn. I just want him to know you can live your life treating people like dirty, but when it is all over the money and the corporations will mean nothing, they will not be able to save your life. Last Christmas the staff of Colinaimperial was sent home without a bonus, not even a ham or turkey to put on the table for their families, instead he opened a toy store days before Christmas so he can earn some more monies for himself. If you had the opportunity to talk privately with someone who work at Colinaimperial or any of the corporations that Mr. Alexiou is involved with they will tell you that they are not happy with their working conditions and they are just there to pay their bills. This is why they are failing to give quality customer service to the clients, because they really don’t feel appreciated and they know all to well that the man enjoys pulling out his hatchet. Who knows, he probably soon invest in a hatchet shop….lol….

  19. Hot off the press :A story like that should had been the headline in the Nassau Guardian, The Journalor the Punch.

    Unfortunately, Hot off the press, this can never happen …why?….I repeat…Manny Alexiou owns the media. Therefore he wont print a bad story on himself.

  20. Had Mr Christie rid the party of them before 2007, the PLP would have still been in government today. Ah well whata woulda coulda shoulda., He didn’t so he suffered the same fate as Sir Lynden. They were both surrounded by corrupt men..As a result the people spoke.

  21. Oh! one more thing for the tens of thousands of readers out there. The PLP wants to kick me out of the party because I am threatening to reveal some serious s***. If they follow through on their threats then I will just follow through with my facts. I can tell you all why I do not respect O.W anymore, I can tell you all why I do not respect, VP anymore, I can tell you all why I do not respect SG anymore, I can tell you all why I am beginning to think twice about staying loyal to mr. PC now I can tell you all why I do not respect RP anymore (MR. CUBA). Even though people do not like mr AG, I could respect a man like him because he likes woman and not A**, he just needs to stop being cheap and get a room next time. LOL. I am certain of the information I have. So are they that is why they are afraid to offend me. I can single handedly pull the pillar from beneath this party. However I will not take that route. For the sake of country. But trust me they better keep their distance. I am seriously considering if I should really stay anyway. I want to be free to say and do what the bahamian people expect of me anyway. I am tired of this distraction. I want to focus on the issues. But to do so these a**holes must just leave. We cannot win in 2012 with these shaggy goats carrying dirty laundry.

  22. Who other than a homosexual will give himself a screen name like “JOE BLOW” Maybe “Joy Eat” but joe blow makes it sound like you love to blow…only men get blow Joes…lol you’re gay also aren’t you?

  23. Why are you all pretending to be straight? I am so tempted to say something but God knows I will be in HUGE trouble for that if I do. So that one I will leave for another time. Which one of you sent me that note at the last convention? Only women suppose to look at and admire men, and you all wonder why I don’t come to yall meetings. I am afraid to because I just might really end up in jail. Just because I mentioned Two other members who are not gay in my last press release you all want to replace one of them with another person. We will clean up this party once and for all. We tired of you all going to family islands on private homosexual orgy parties… Especially at peace and plenty in Georgetown Exuma. My family owns condos over there so my eyes are everywhere. and one more thing please stop powdering yall noses. quite a few of you use cocaine. Want me to start calling names? If a drug test is done on sitting MP’s this country would be shocked at the results. So you homosexuals just keep your distance, and leave me alone. I told you all from day one I am loyal to people not party. Remember that? Now do you see what I meant by that?

  24. Ok Omar, I will be the bigger person and walk away, but before I do, I ask all those Bahamians concerned with the welfare and well being of Mr. Archer to please help us to convince him to get some professional help.

    I will speak to some of Omar’s friends and we will try to save him from himself!

    Omar I hope you get better soon.

  25. Omar I don’t know what to say, those allegations are really shocking, sounds like you need to work for the punch. But I have one question, if the P.L.P is so scandalous why do you want to be a part of the party??? You want in on the action aye????

    (sitting back and waiting to see Omar go crazy)

  26. Media: It is your duty to stop the above. The man needs help! He is self-distructing before our eyes. Stop allowing his contributions now!

  27. If I continue to let you call it as you see it then all you can talk about is what you normally see …and that’s A**
    you are as gay as gay can be buddy, so I think youneed to leave the PLP or I will make you do so in utter shame. Then your colleague wants to give inmates condoms in jail. What the ***k? What are you men promoting? safe sex? Yeah right

  28. By the way do you know the PLP member who was caught with is driver sucking him off in the garage? What about the PLP member was caught by his wife in a hotel room sexing another party member in the 80’s? Or need I remind you of the Ex MP in Cuba. He was doing that Cuba thing for quite a while, he actually took a member from a certain third party to Rio De Jenero (sp) where the spent one week on a sex rampage in a one room apt. his wife thought he was in Miami. Should I go on? Well maybe, what about the father away from home program where certain UWI students are sexually solicited by some former MP’s? Why is it that nobody wants to talk about what really went on in Junior Achievement program November of 2003? Do you need t hear some more Mr. VP? Stop promising a certain news editor you will marry her just to keep her hanging on to spread your propaganda. You know you like ass. So leave that mango skin beauty for a real man to show some love and affection. Do you know that I have a copy of H T’s diary? Ask a certain former high ranking police officer why he left the police force so abruptly, wanna know? Not just to join the PLP but to protect his image. I have four words for him Harl Taylor and John Knowles. We must purge this party of these punks like yourself and then ultimately this country, like Golding is doing in Jamaica.

  29. Omar Archer Sr. :Date someone your own age and stop robbing the cradle. Your next comment will force me to reveal who you really are. Your co workers will be shocked to know what you be doing. Wanna dare me?

    I dare you to reveal who I am, I triple quadruple dare you!
    Chasing shadows Omar?? This Loonie ain’t just crazy, he is also paranoid, a real joker!!!

    Omar has finally blown his aftermarket head gasket! Again I DARE YOU!!
    Looks like you plan to spend plenty days in court fighting lawsuits.

    The higher this monkey climbs, the more he exposes his behind!!
    I just want people to see who you really are and you’re doing a good job of revealing yourself.

    Trying to get a P.L.P NOMINATION, only in your dreams Omar, ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!

  30. It is very obvious that Omar is in need of psychiatric help. I suggest we stop responding to his rants and only urge him to get help and wish him a speedy recovery.

  31. There are far too many homosexuals in this country. One is too many. The PLP is riddled with homosexuals and you are quite aware of that. I must say publicly though the PLP is not gay, certain members of the PLP are gay and if I am stepping on your corn I am not sorry. So stop pretending as if you are unaware of this fact you are one of them as well aren’t you? There is no way the party is going to win the next general election with all those mentally twisted folks who enjoy smelling feces on their penis’. That’s nasty. So while you’re still in the closet I suggest you be quiet and stop spending your money on those sex toys please.

  32. You PLP loyalist. lol it’s people like yourself who are so politically blinded by the truth you cannot see any further than your nose. So if you want to continue to be respected among your peers for being the professional you present yourself as I will not warn you anymore.

  33. Date someone your own age and stop robbing the cradle. Your next comment will force me to reveal who you really are. Your co workers will be shocked to know what you be doing. Wanna dare me?

  34. Oh. I am so sorry “Call it as I see it” I forgot my last but, most important point, your response just reminded me I forgot to tell you Kiss your own royal ass. I know who you are. Small world hey.. lol

  35. Omar, Omar you have never proven me wrong, I am a coward, because I won’t give you my name? I won’t give my name to a NUTCASE LIKE YOU. You are obviously a deranged lunatic and now a real danger to society.

    You are here ranting and raving and making a complete fool of yourself.
    This type of behaviour is indicative of a man on the edge and capable of anything. STOP CUSSING, Stop calling females derogatory names, it is offensive.

    You belong in jail for assaulting a person with a diminished mental capacity. You are headed for a big train wreck and numerous lawsuits if you do not seek some PROFESSIONAL HELP.
    (please include anger management)

    Someone needs to save you from yourself!!!! Politically, they could stick in a fork in you, YOU ARE DONE!!!

  36. I am now under the protection of an international agency. Our Government and Police could not be trusted. Now I am free to expose from the PM down.. They can’t touch me no more… And they’re very upset I went to an international body who has links to the UN and Amnesty. Now what yall ga do?

  37. Last thing: before this went as far as it did, the commissioner was called from the station, advised of the situation concerning my step son and he could have said hey this is a simple domestic problem let Mr. Archer go. That corrupt thief said it’s out of his hand. I was just starting to bring myself to trust him finally, now he aint no different than those who hate me for seeking justice.. He better find that missing bag of cocaine and also DM 3.5 million dollars. I was going to let him slide, but now hell no. I will expose all of them this lap. His time coming. I already passed my information onto a certain person yesterday. He is in for a surprise of his life. I played my trump card on his ass yesterday. Corrupt bastard!!!

  38. Secondly: What if he had gone out there and shot and killed someone child? Then what? What if police had raided our home and found a weapon then what? My wife would have been arrested, I would have been arrested, my 12 year old son would have been arrested and he would have been arrested. What people would have said then? So you can’t worry what people say, because you can’t please everyone.. Just do what you have to within the confinement of the law and move on. Period.

  39. Hot off the press. I am fine thank you. As for my recent arrest, ha what a joke. It came one day after I blasted my party for their weak stance on homosexuality and two days after Bodie was too scared to tell his listeners what I really came to his show for. Frist my arrest:
    My step son wanted to bring a gun into our home. I was not having that at all. He disagreed so I disciplined him the ole fashion way. A good never to forget cut ass. However the police who were stationed on Nassau Village park came running over asking no question just assuming it was a fight between two persons. I then told them what had happened, and Insp. Perry Clark held me by my waist and said ‘You better shut up or I will fuckin have you locked up’ well you know I told him some choice words and showed him the road. I over heard an officer saying ‘tell Tommy we gat him this time’. After arriving to the station I explained to Sgt Finley at my step son has mental challenges, blind in one eye and only 70-80% control of his motor skills. Never mind he’s 23 years old his mental capacity is only that of a 15 year old. She took him in a room and said to me shut ya ass up, he off age if he wants to buy a gun he can have a gun. I immediately responded and said you’re a stupid bitch, I thought the police wanted guns off the street. When he came out they whisked him away never searching for the weapon and I was then charged for assault of my step son, disorderly behavior among other things. For such a minor offense I thought I would be allowed to sign bail on my own. Instead Supt. Stephen Dean took my detention record and faxed it to his good friend Orthland H. Bodie at more 94.9fm to be read over the air live. This was a deliberate attempt to set me up and embarrass me by these stupid people. Bodie is telling people he loves me like a brother, but that is news to me. He is no brother of mine. He is an opportunist, a coke head given another chance and he just ruined it by “F’in” with me. He uses drugs through Ida street. I have friends living through there and I knew this for quite some time. I have an individual from Canada on hold to tell the Bahamian public that Tommy Turnquest is a damn criminal. Because Bodie is lobbying for an FNM’s nomination he decided to rail road me. I was so shocked at his behavior. Within 2 1/2 hours I was taken to court given bail and they were hoping I went up to Fox Hill to further embarrass me. NEVER! ha!.

    Anyway God is good and the truth will be told and all individuals involved will be exposed. I am still openly opposed to homosexuals and lesbians. They are nasty sick people with no morals.. They are entitled to choose for themselves yes but keep that crap to yourself. Leave our Bahamian children alone. Daniel 11:37 explains it all. Thank you all for your support. I was shocked at how many people said it was a set up as well. I wonder what they will try next. Sissy bastards!

  40. I never said Colina is a government entity, I said someone in government is involved. Insurance companies are governed by a regulatory body, that reports to the government. If this is going on which I totally believe it is then someone in government is facilitating it. The real question is Who? Furthermore if you really want to be respected as being a person who call it as you see it then post your real name for a change. Coward..

  41. Well seeing that the media is all owned in one way or the other by Colina chief, Manny Alexiou, I can see why they were in no hurry to report the firings.

    ColinaImperial should be ashamed of itself…..hustling old people. Omar’s comment might seem extreme but I believe there is some truth to it. I feel someone HIGH UP in government is aiding and abeting ColinaImperial to commit these corporate crimes against innnocent people in our society.

    All should be aware that Manny Alexiou is a VERY heavy contributor to the FNM’s campaign machine therefore its time to pay the piper so Ingraham, in my opinion, is the aider and abetor in this case.

  42. A story like that should had been the headline in the Nassau Guardian, The Journalor the Punch.

  43. BP, I hear the Tribune laying off reporters. How come they didn’t talk that in this mornings paper?

  44. Omar O Omar where have you been,I have been inquiring on your where about and and trying to find out how the dealing with the court matter.Though time don’t last but tough people do.Time would tell how tough you are.Keep the regular BP readers up to date.

  45. The people at ColinaImperial do not care about their clients,only their money, and the staff act as if they are doing you a favour when you come to their offices for whatever reason. They do not know how to talk to you professionally and they think you are so stupid. They try to make you look like a fool. They walk around with their heads in the air as if you are not important. What they do not realize is that a lot of their clients are more educated than they are.

  46. Omar stop being an idiot! Colina is not a government entity. I see ya still cussing, you ain learn a thing from last week! Surely your ways and attitudes shall follow you all the days of your life!

    This lady is one of many persons who are victims of Colina, this has been going on from ALICO days. The company has not changed, only the name. Ask the former Alico holders who lost their policies without a penny back!

    I know all about the salary deduction and the claims of “your policy have lasped to you never had insurance at all”. This is just the drop of the bucket regarding the shady things this company does.

  47. If this is true which I believe it is, then heads will roll. I have a strong feeling someone in government is involved. Someone in very high places. That being the case I will expose them all without compromise.

    This is a total damn disgrace… My Lord they even stealing from the elderly

  48. Scenes like this is a common thing at Colinaimperial Branches. The frontline staff have grown so accustomed to people breaking down and crying in their front offices, that now they see it as all in a days work . The managers, say where you put me. Colinaimperial have caused so many people a lot of pain, which is why they cannot even have a decent Christmas party without a fight breaking out, that should tell them they need to change their wicked ways.

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