Conch Poisoning Outbreak on New Providence….


NASSAU| Still unreported to the General Public by the Ministry of Health are multiple cases of conch poisoning incidents in the capital.

The silence of the incidents is strange and the lack of health advice or cautions to the public about the outbreak has left BP and team in amazement.

One Sunday alone more than 20 persons residents in the capital city have presented at Princess Margaret Hospital with serious symptoms of conch poisoning, which includes vomiting and diarrhoea.

BP is not surprised by the silence of Health Officials though. A few weeks ago the PHA announced how only Emergency Surgeries were being done at the hospital. But we found out later that the new operating theatres at PMH new critical care block have been closed for two months now. Again, members of the public have not been told one word of this! WHY?!

Conch meals when prepared must be washed in fresh water not salt sea water to remove any bacteria. Bahamian preparing such meals should be notified of the health risks involved in preparing!

The lack of health notices continue as a doctor leads the country with public health hitting a new low. WHAT IS DIS?! When will the public get more information on the conch poisoning outbreaks in the capital? And when will the cautions come to alert us of this new danger in the community?!

We report yinner decide!