PM Minnis continues to spend loads of campaign funds to reinvent himself PLP says…



A near Empty FNM headquarters on Grand Bahama.

All evidence pointed to Prime Minister Minnis calling an early general elections. But word is his highly paid foreign advisors told him what we all could have told him free of charge: his dictator style of leadership is unpopular, he remains with a shameful list of broken promises, and the vast majority of Bahamians want this lousy and uncaring FNM government gone.

The Bahamian people bought Dr. Minnis’ poor boy from over the hill story back in 2017 during the general elections campaign. They have now come to realize how far removed Dr. Minnis really is from the struggles of ordinary Bahamians trying to make a living.

Rather than use the challenges of Hurricane Dorian and the present COVID-19 pandemic to make a difference in the lives of all Bahamians, Dr.Minnis and this uncaring FNM government have made harsh decisions that have left the majority of our people hurting while he and his new found elite friends continue to live well. In fact, Dr. Minnis seemingly thinks so little of over the hill and the poor, he appointed outsiders to be in charge of their relief food funds. Dr. Minnis has destroyed once striving Bahamian businesses. By his Attorney General’s own admission in the Senate, it was Dr. Minnis and the FNM’s bad decision making that increased the coronavirus case count in our Bahamas that led to so many of our people dying.

Dr. Minnis and this FNM administration have left the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama suffering since Hurricane Dorian. Thousands remain homeless, jobless, displaced and crying out to a Prime Minister that has become too busy and important to relate to their desperate needs.

Dr. Minnis sold dreams back in 2017. Far too many of his promises have gone unfulfilled. The Dorian and covid excuses are worn out. Ironically, it has been Dr. Minnis who has lacked compassion and a heart for the average Bahamian. Because of his one man band Emergency Orders, thousands of hotel workers cannot receive their much needed pay packages. Dr. Minnis refuses to side with ordinary Bahamians. His choices have been clear; the rich, family, friends, and lovers.

While Bahamians literally scrap for the next meal and monies to pay long overdue bills, Dr. Minnis is consumed with wasting millions of dollars on slick campaign ads trying to reinvent himself as a caring and capable leader.

It will not work this time.

The true character of a man is revealed during tough and challenging times. Dr. Minnis has failed the Bahamian people and he is not fit to lead our nation’s future.

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go.