Cookie Jar raided at Ministry of Finance! More appointments and no smarts!

Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest speaking on the 12% Vat hike on Bahamians with the press.

NASSAU | There’s a conspiracy going on at the Ministry of Finance. 

The Minister and his Acting Financial Secretary are proving yet again how dumb and incompetent they can be!

Marlon “Facebook King” Johnson is set to announce the appointment of Ms. Cherran O’Brien as the new Financial Consultant & Director of Economic Affairs. Then, before Christmas, Ms. O’Brien will be named the new Acting Deputy Financial Secretary of Fiscal Policy. 

Are Peter and Marlon saying that there are no competent people within the Ministry of Finance at present ?

Why have Peter and Marlon circumvented the Public Service Commission?

Is this why they are trying to get rid of Ms. T. Deleveaux and Ms. A. Marche from the Public Service Commission? All so they can have their own way? Looka da chaos all over the place!

So what are they going to tell all those senior people in the Ministry of Finance who were looking to move up? WHAT A TRAVESTY!

Why do we need an Acting Financial Secretary and two Deputy Financial Secretaries? Ruth Miller must be pulling out her hair and the late Ehurd Cunningham must be rolling over in his grave! They both were Financial Secretaries in the “manual era”; now we have the Facebook King in the digital era!

And while all this is unfolding the real Financial Secretary Simon Wilson is home collecting his pay with benefits, chilling cause Minnis Dem want raid the cookie jar! WHAT IS THIS?

If Marlon’s delegating his responsibilities to others, what are we paying him for? Why is he even in the position ?

Whose time is it really? Friends, Family & Lovers?

We ga report and let yinner decide!