Copperfield Rape Claim An Illusion?



David Copperfield at press conference on Musha Cay.

Courtesy of Heartbeat News


NASSAU, Bahamas, Mon. Oct. 22, 2007: Magician David Copperfield’s attorney is adamant that his client did not rape an American woman on the island of the Bahamas as she has claimed to US federal authorities.

Attorney David Chesnoff on Friday rushed to dismiss the claim by the unidentified Seattle woman as merely an illusion.

“It is important these allegations be put into perspective,” Chesnoff said in a statement. “Although authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone. “The allegation is 100 per cent false, and we deny it in the strongest possible terms. Unfortunately, false allegations are all too often made against famous individuals.”

Copperfield, 51, is one of the world’s richest entertainers and is said to be worth $50m. He owns four Bahamas islands that are all part of a resort called Musha Cay.

The woman put the spotlight again on the Bahamas by saying Copperfield raped her in the Bahamas. But she waited until she was back in Seattle before lodging a complaint with police. The accusation has set off an investigation by the FBI, who last Wednesday raided Copperfield’s Las Vegas warehouse. The FBI has, however, refused to confirm the reason for their investigation.


  1. Why is it that everything has to come down to white and black? It’s so obvious that this ‘woman’, whoever she may be is lying and well….it’s all an illusion!

  2. forget the rape claim! how one man who ain even really worth that much (on a much bigger) level could own 4 cays, and me a bahamian who already try to buy one cant get one cuz the govt wont let me…..yeah thats right man! sell all our land to foreigners…this bey have….this one man have 0.6 percent of the islands in the bahamas, and he ain even no one like that, think of how many other people have their .6 percent……boy hey…seem small but i promise you it aint!

  3. you have to be careful about those white people down in the exumas.people like tom barbernitz ,judy barbernitz,larry dougan ,eric carey and pericles maillias are also persons who cover up rapist hiding in the exumas.they are the ones who was protecting a rapist in the exuma park.they are criminals who are running an organization where millions of dollars go thru.tey are practicing a whole heap of darkness right under the nose of the defense force.please ceck out why there are no baamaians down there running tings.the national trust as had people down at the exuma park who are working illegally.they smuggle drugs to the us on sailboats which come to the park and they smuggle material back to the headquarters without paying taxes to the bahamain government.i will write about more of what is going on……the inside man

  4. This is deep but hey, I wouldnt put it pass him or anyone else for that matter. But the same time she sames to be a bit delusional. Just my five cents.

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