Corruption Revealed at HMP…Prisoner attempts murder while on work scheme


Superintendent at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dr. Elliston Rahming

Nassau, Bahamas — There is a major breach in the National Security of the Bahamas and thus, BP is sending an alert to all senior law enforcement officials to listen up loud and clear to this BP NEWS ALERT.

Saturday’s horrid events on the streets of the capital have opened a Pandora’s box exposing a new the level of criminality now unfolding in the country.

A young man was found dead in the Robinson Road area yesterday. We learnt a gunman fired on him killing the man. No one knew in which direction the gunman went. The victim was with a prisoner who is now serving a long prison term at HR Majesty’s Prisons. That prisoner fled the scene of the crime wounded in the leg. He was shot during the incident.

Later Saturday afternoon, the community of Yellow Elder went into chaos as both a bother and sister were shot, as hails of bullets descended on their vehicle. The pair did not die. They were both driven to the hospital and here’s where the story gets hot.

Seen leaving the scene of that shooting with a driver of a gray Honda Accord was convicted armed arm robber, Terrance Rigby. Rigby was spotted in the passenger seat, according to residents, firing a weapon as he allegedly attempted to kill the brother and sister, and here is where the story went from a shooting scene to a hospital lock-down. It is believed one of the victims fired on had something to do with the earlier fatal shooting.

The big question: how did a convicted criminal found his way onto the streets of the capital in BIG BROAD DAYLIGHT; brandishing a weapon and attempting to kill citizens?

Bahamas Press has learnt, Rigby, who was convicted and sentenced to HR Majesty’s Prison for armed robbery, was sent on a work programme at an establishment in the eastern section of the island. By some “mystery”, Rigby went missing and left his station undetected as he went on his merry way. We now ask, how did Rigby end up in the YELLOW ELDER; miles away from his assigned place? We smell a RAT!

How did the prison inmate end up on his shooting escapade throughout the capital? And how many other prisoners on work sites are going missing all day, KILLING OFF WITNESSES?

Managers of crime in the Bahamas must now suspect that convicted criminals are ‘GUILTY AS SIN’ for the myriad of armed robberies and murders committed in the Bahamas! It is no question; this must be the reason why caseloads of crime cannot be solved!

BP was on the scene Saturday evening investigating the double shooting when the convicted prisoner mysteriously showed up at PMH nursing his wounded leg. With the brother and sister inside critical care in the emergency section at the hospital, with the allege attacker showing up for his own treatment, PMH had to choice but go into lock-down.

Prison and police officials later detained Rigby after he was discovered. A private citizen dropped him off, a hospital officials said.

Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security.

BP is asking a question only the Minister of National Security, Tommy Turnquest, can answer; how did a convicted felon [Terrance Rigby] ended up on the streets to terrorize this society, when a sitting member of the judiciary sentenced him behind bars?

BP believes the head at HMP, the person to whom Rigby was place in the care of and the minister of national security should all be summoned before that JUDGE and charged with CONTEMPT OF COURT! They all should BE FORCED TO EXPLAIN TO THE COURT HOW A SENTENCE HANDED DOWN BY THAT JUDGE WAS SUPPOSEDLY VIOLATED!!!!!

BP shall wait and see how this is plays out! Meanwhile, family members of the brother and sister will address a press conference later today.


  1. BP this photo of Superintendent at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dr. Elliston Rahming, is the first photo I’ve seen with him smiling. HE MUST HAVE FELL IN LOVE WITH PRISON.

    Dr. Elliston Rahming ran for the PLP in an election, and I think he is helping to fuel the “CRIME FIRE,” to make this administration look like “BOO.”
    I am surprise “PAPA” has not caught on to this yet….or maybe they all want to KILL Tommy T’s. Political life.

  2. When ya criticize ‘tired’, don’t do so by first correctly editing your critique response.

    Secondly, read the article first before making DUMB assertion or conclusion we never made in the article.

    And thirdly, if you cannot stand it, or is sick and tired of it, why day after day you come on here and say so? We don’t get it???

    Here’s a hint, we don’t read certain publications in this town not because the grammar is poor, but because they are bias!

    Do the same…

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. bp can i kindly explain something to u first an foremost improve yur grammar in your written work its simply depolrable for a reported news organisation to simply cannot spell or put proper sentences together. Secondly under or try to learn the laws of your country all person confine to HMP are there on remand or convicted person serving sentences of various times frames the RBPF has nothing to do with that institution stop being stupid or funny if u are a news organisation

  4. like i have said before, we are all the blame. parents, relatives, pastors, politicians, lawyers, doctors, teachers, we all at one point in time have turn a blind eye to evil. we need to examine ourselves first.

  5. let’s don’t be stupid, the police do not use or require prisoners on Saturdays, so if you want to blame someone in this instance don’t blame the Police.

  6. We blame PRISON OFFICIALS for this act of WICKEDNESS now taking hold of our country. BLAME THE PRISON OFFICIALS! THE Police has nothing to do with this.


    • Media I agree. I think straigttalk means prison corruption, but worded it wrong. This has nothing to do with police. Although they have their own corruption.

  7. This is just another case of Police Corruption. It is a known fact that certain criminals get on work detail and then can payoff police to go missing all day. Their only requirement is to be back in time to be transported to prison and have the good sense not to be seen. In fact, I’ve seen this happen personally when a drug dealer was on work detail and was seen riding round during the day

    • I was actually going to question what you just said Straightalk. I was going to say maybe ppl are being paid to let them go. But I was also going to add, that no one could be that RECKLESS, that STUPID, that IMMORAL to do such a thing. But you let the cat out of the bag and it completely makes sense.
      This country has reached an even lower low (if that’s even possible). To let criminals out to do some more crime in this crime filled nation!!!! Because what really does a murderer or thief want to do with a few hrs of freedom? Certainly not to have a picnic in the park or go to church. What the hell is wrong with the minds of the ppl in this country???!!!! From the politicians to the citizens; everyone is no good!

    • @ straight talk bahamas:You said that you have “facts” that a said drug dealer was giving work release,however you cannot say this for the “corrupt” police officer/s.So I am asking, if you “see” again or know of ANY known criminal on the street,what will be your response to the situation?Is it that bad in your judgment not to seek the proper Authority on any criminal activity going on in the community?

    • how does that get to be Police corruption, they are under the custody of the prison and besides, the incident took place on Saturday, also when they are not at any station working, so please check your facts before one prints garbage

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