Gunman shot by police late last night…UPDATE on Murder #160

A fatal motorbike accident. FILE PHOTO.


Another murder had just occurred on Robinson Rd west. A young man who had just pulled to a house on Colletion Street was fired upon by another man multiple times. The shooter fled on foot. The man is laying dead on the scene. This is the 160th murder in the country since 2009.

Nassau, Bahamas — There was a police involved shooting on Quakoo Street last night shortly before midnight. Police were on patrol in the area when they attempted to search a young man. The man attempted to allude police, pulled a gun  on the police and was shot several times. Police found a handgun on the man along with some drugs. the man is in stable condition at PMH.

A motorcyclist crashed into a vehicle shortly after 12 midnight on Gladstone Road. The cyclist died on the scene. BP can confirm a gang of motorcyclists were in the area overtaking cars as they headed south bound in a mad race on Gladstone.

In another incident a young man was struck by a vehicle that failed to stop. The young man was hit while walking in the area of a cemetary in Fox Hill, shortly after 1.00am this morning. The man died on the scene.


  1. i just want to know how many non gang and drug related murders there have been? At least where the victim was not part of either of those.
    Then lets break it down to remove all murders by lovers/spouses/exes.
    Then we will see where we really are with violent crime.

    • Yeah newsman, thats what the Police should do. It would calm the fears of many Bahamians believing that innocent people are being killed. Just about all these murders are done by retalation of other offences where the culprits both are known to police. FIX THE COURT SYSTEMS AND INSPIRE THE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE

  2. Seriously Why not just account for the Murders in 2010. The Journalism is a little suspect. The sensationalism is not needed just the facts and stats for the year.

  3. Nobody is interested in how many murders happened since 2009, just keep track of 2010. Im confused , what is the count for this year?

  4. we need to turn in our family and friends who have weapons NOW! that the problem nobody wants to do THE RIGHT THING…come on rodney you know people all over black village where your university is that carrin guns, take them in, clean up the streets

    • Yeah BP, what’s with the pics that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the story??? And what’s with this arbitrary “since 2009” murder count? Do murders from 1998 not count, what about 2005? We all know the murder rate is too high. Stick to the news and forget the sensationalism. Oh and please continue to improve on the grammar.

      • And if you would read you would note the photo does indicate “FILE PHOTO”. READ BAHAMAS READ!


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