Couple shot up inside their vehicle early this morning near Ida Street!


Three shot dead to gun violence in four days in the capital…What happened to the 1.9 million dollar ShotSpotter device which bought to detect and spot gun violence in the country?

Couple found dead inside their vehicle 6am this morning. WAS IT ROBBERY AS CRIME IS DOWN?

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting a double homicide this morning pushing the country’s homicide count to 65 for the year.

A couple was found shot to death inside their vehicle at an apartment off Ida Street North and Balfour Ave just before 6am. Police believe the incident may have occurred more than eight hours earlier. This latest incident proves that the $1.9 million Shotspotter technology never worked! Ahhh boy!

The incident comes four days after the country’s 63rd homicide and double shooting which occurred on Nov 17th on Commonwealth Blvd in the community of Elizabeth Estates.

In that incident two men pulled up in a Honda at a home in the Elizabeth Estates community just after 6pm when occupants of a small car pulled behind them and in a drive-by occupants opened fire with a high-powered AK 47.

The video shows the men being sprayed down as they fled for their lives.

One of the men attempted to drive to hospital a short time later, but died behind the wheel as he lost consciousness. He died in the Johnson Road Fox Hill area.

Police are following leads in both incidents.

We report yinner decide!

Scenes from that double shooting in Elizabeth Estates which killed one man.