COVID-19 claims the life of more Bahamians and BP confirms Stafford Coakley is one…

Stafford Coakley passes

NASSAU| The Bahamas records its second COVID-19 related death and it’s this man, Stafford Coakley, who died around 2:30 am at a medical facility in the capital.

Coakley was a dialysis patient who contracted the virus at a health facility in the country.

BP can also report a 72-year-old doctor, a specialist in the area of renal failure has also been admitted to hospital for COVID-19 related symptoms. That doctor, up to press time is still alive.  He was taken off the ventilator to breathe on his own. His private medical practice, however, has been shut down.

The Ministry of Health confirmed to the press the passing of two (2) hospitalized patients previously confirmed to have COVID-19. We cannot confirm who the second patient is at this time. Health did not name any of the victims and added that investigations are being conducted into the details surrounding the cases.

We can also confirm more than six health specialists are in quarantine for COVID19. Now we will not name them but we warn yall – GET OFF THE ROAD!!!

Ministry of Health will hold a Press Conference today at 5:00 p.m.

We report yinner decide!