Customs officer murdered in front of his 3 year old son



Nassau, Bahamas: Here’s another story members of the WUTLESS media cannot remember. And will not because they are too clouded in their political bias, racing behind WUTLESS politicians. However, when news broked about the customs officer whose home was burned down by a driving terrorist this week, our minds when back to another customs officer who was not so fortunate with life as Ms. Ritchie.

The victim was customs officer Sean Symonette, a 38 year-old officer who was stationed at the International Airport sometime before 1999. Sean was about to knock off his shift when the final plane landed with passengers disembarking for inspection. Rolling up to the customs counter, was a fellow officer who was just off that late international flight. With the crooked customs officer sweating near blood sweat, as one officer described his to Bahamas Press, Symonette and another officer began inspection of his bag.

Eyewitnesses that night noted that officers overheard their crooked colleague carrying the bag saying, “Man look here if this don’t go down right, someone ga die.” But Symonette being the decent HARDWORKING public servant that he was, proceeded with the inspection. By that time officers from the Royal Bahamas Police Force stationed at the airport had joined the inspection and the bag was opened. It was stuffed tight with wrapped cocaine. Every inch of the bag was taken.

From that night on Symonette began receiving death threats, but the officer was determined to UPHOLD THE LAW OF THE LAND, and agreed to testify in the drug trial that followed.

Symonette was by all accounts the nicest person that you would want to meet. But on Friday, 30th October, nine years ago, he had flown in from Marcona Ocean Industries’ Ocean Cay where he was stationed as a customs officer following the drug bust at the airport.  He had a day off and he had simply come in to see his three year-old son and mother.

Symonette was about to perform the biggest duty of his career, where he would testify in a major drug case in court.  But as we said he had received death threats; he had agreed to be wired by the customs department to catch any attempt to bribe him to not testify.  Symonette had asked for a gun and police protection but none was offered. He said goodbye to his mother that night, sent his son back inside to kiss his grammie; she never saw him again.  One half hour after that good bye, shortly after 9 p.m., Sean Symonette was gunned down with nine bullets at point blank range.

He collapsed in front of his son.  The son kept looking at the gunman in the purple car and the hood over his head as the gunman said to the son: “Go inside, ya daddy done dead!” And that as they say was that. An officer killed in cold blood for serving his country, and still after that ordeal there is no thanks nor protection for his colleagues years later.

In 2002, Jeffrey Neilly is accused of the murder in October 1999 of Symonette. The 36 year-old accused was charged on Monday 3rd June and remanded without bail. Customs officers told Bahamas Press, six years later the accused is walking around a free man and is bragging about the murder. The Police failed Symonette an innocent officer, the customs leadership failed to protect a threatened member of their family and in many ways the country has failed to protect the life of a decent public servant.

Bahamas Press knows what customs officers feel today when Ms. Roslyn Ritchie discovered her home burnt to the ground on Wednesday after another lawless mind – possibly on bail – cast a bomb into her home.

Bahamas Press asks this country, who is protecting the innocent in this land, when the VICKED, LAWLESS and UNGOVERNABLE roam the streets killing off the DECENT, HONEST, LOYAL and COMMITTED YOUNG who hold up the laws of this nation?

A customs officer told Bahamas Press, “A whole man is dead, why could they not protect him? You think Sean had to die like that? They did not protect him, you think they ga protect me? And guess what, someone high up in the customs department knew all about the drugs coming in that night which Symonette prevented from getting onto the streets!”


  1. BP. there is no protection for persons who have to testify against these criminals. these criminals have killed off some witnesses and frightened off the rest! Is it not amazing that one an island 21x7miles and with the most expensive police force in the Caribbean we cannot find protection from criminals and, this is across the board.Witnesses are intimidated, women abused or sometimes murdered despite numerous complaints to police and so on. But, with respect to the murder of Mr. Symonette this is one in a long line of murders yet to be fully solved going back at least thirty years. If you were to count these murders with the others the count would be at least a thousand.As an example, the murder of an English Art teacher at GHS in the seventies has never been solved nor has the murder of a musician in the Nassau Harbour Club been solved and the list of unsolved murders from the seventies and eighties goes on and on!

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  3. For years this culture existed but people turned a blind eye to it, pretending it was not happening.

  4. For God sake!!

    Plenty young boys and girls are being sexually abused in this country at this very moment. It’s them we must save. It’s them we must protect. It’s them we must fight for. It’s them who silently cry out for help daily. We have some sick people in this country.

  5. WOW! That’s some deep stuff. I made my repot to central police station I called the commissioner and let a message on his voice mail, I wrote a letter to the magistrate explaining to him that I was threaten by the same man he just granted bail to. What if I had died Friday? Then everyone would have been demanding justice. Why can’t justice be demanded while I am alive? It’s now Tuesday December 2nd, and still he has not been arrested. This police force slack as can be. The man even put an officer’s life in danger that day and still no arrest. What the hell is country coming to? People murdering for fun. Insane! We live in a society of men with compromised morals, lonely women and children of warped sense of values. Distorted! What does that say about our future? We must focus on educating our children. Loving our children. We must stop abusing of our children.

  6. Omar Archer, those death treats seems to be very serious.
    But, a reporter told the Prime Minister in Sunday’s press conference… ”sense there are plenty people committing murdering…LET OUR COUNTRY MAKE MURDER LEGAL.
    The question was only presented in the “GAMBLING” form.

  7. Speak for yourself. I ain’t going to hell in a basket. We really need to speak life over these matters.

  8. Imagine tomorrow the press conference being blown out of proportion. Honest civil servants are being burnt out of their homes and threatened for doing their jobs and HI calls a press conference on a Sunday to repeat the events of the past? No wonder this country is going to hell in a basket. Instead of him being a leader and going to church to help pray for guidance through these harsh times, he’s there grinning like a cheshire cat about things that we are taking so seriously. What was so important that it couldn’t wait until Monday or another day through the week? Obviously he knows something that he should let on. It is not a laughing matter when crime is increasing and a rising percentage of the population is out of jobs. Does this man have a heart? Does he have any feeling at all?

  9. Ahhhh Well the has ‘Box Head Monk’ just rapped up his press conference. Members of the Wutless Media along with cast members from the Muppet Show were all in full regale. They were all laughing having lunch afterward. It was Sunday, many were hungry and what else Hubert was feeding after they ask him some light questions.

    There was NO NEW INFORMATION. EVERY QUESTION was relative to something the public knew already. The economy is bad, people getting fired, developments stopped, immigration officers were fired and Greenslade/Dames coming back to Nassau. Again we say THERE WAS NO NEW INFORMATION, Nothing Breaking, Nothing Newsworthy for an hour and a half.

    So much for a rally put on by Ingraham and his goons titled “MEET THE PRESS” YEAH RIGHT!


  10. Is this what our country has come to? It is sad that people must learn to ignore corruption, because if they don’t their lives and their families will be in jeopardy. This is very disturbing! The way things are in our country today, it can only get worse, more and more people are being discouraged to take action when they see people breaking the laws. People are being to realize that there are no rewards for law abiding citizens seeking to do the right thing by revealing the wrong doers. A lot of the crimes that goes down in the country could be solved, but people are afraid to talk. Crimes that have yet to be solve you can hear sip, sip about how it went down in the beauty salons, barber shops, offices, jitneys and etc., but yet nobody’s talking to the police. The reason why for that, is people live by experiences, they have seen what happen when you tried to help with justice, you are left all alone looking over your shoulders every second, can’t sleep in the night and worrying about your safety and your family safety, knowing any minute could be your last. Most of the time when they do lock up these perpetrators, they are back on the street in no time, looking for the people who talked on them and trying to kill them so they cannot testify in court against them. When these people have killed you, it is your family that is left with the pain for you being a Good Samaritan trying to stand up for what is right. How do you explain to a child daddy die because he was trying to do the right thing and nobody protect him afterwards? I can tell you; this is not easy for a child to understand. The laws seem to be looking out for the rights of criminals and not the law abiding citizen. Let me ask you a question, do you think it is wise to speak out against these criminals?

  11. I am taking this one a little personal BP. The government needs to do more to protect it’s decent law abiding citizens. I was shot September 4th, of this year and five weeks later the man accused of shooting me waqs released on bail. Why? Simply because the Min. National security is his MP. We were due to appear in court this Friday, we both appeared and after court that same day he again threaten if I can back to court he would head shot me. Hi attempt to put fear in me failed, I reported the incident and hopefully Monday morning his bail will be revoked. If not I will have Turnquest’s ass for this. I could have been killed. I was told he went to my wife’s place of employment and used a false name to get her to come down stairs, why? He probably went to tell her convince me to drop the charges or to harm her. This idiot will die if he confrots me again. I can assure all of you of that. This system has failed the Bahamian people. I now have a gun that I walk around with when meeting with people. Is it a leagl gun? Who wants to find out? This guy seems determined to kill me so I have no choice but to protect myself and my family. This is where we as a country have come over the past 40 years totally backwards. We must take a stand or be slaughtered by sensless idiots who lack any sense of reasoning only for them to be back on the streets in a year or two with bragging rights. This is so stupid. I waiting for him this time.

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