Murder #252 in Windsor Lane ona Sunday Afternoon


Bahamas Press is reporting another murder here in the capital. Investigators tell us a young man was stabbed to death on Windsor Lane around 5pm Sunday afternoon.

The victim we are told got into a fight with another male who is alleged to have committed the crime.

The alleged attacker has since turned himself into police.


  1. Whats going on in my Bahamas today?? I live abraod and frequently read Bahamas Press and listen to my relatives still living in Nassau. The crimes and killings are a disgrace. What happend to the Bahamas of yesterday where neibors borrowed sugar or tea from one another. Where we were taught to love one another like Jesus taught us to. Bahamian parents I say to you, please teach your children the values your parents taught you.My Bahamian mother taught me that if some one hit me or hurt me to leave it to GOD to handle that person and not to retaliate. She taught me that if some slapped me to turn the other cheek. She didnt teach to be a whimp but to think and way the consequnces of my actions before responding.It seems like the old testatments version of and ” Eye for an Eye” is ramping havoc amonst our youths today. Parents teach them the greatest lesson Jesus gve us, which is to “Love and Forgive one another. “. Bahamians please don’t allow the beauty of the Bahamian culture to disipate and be foreign.My fondest memories of the Bahamas is growing up in Rocksound Eleuthera where we left our doors wide open and we had no crime. People loved and respected one another and worked together not against each other. Bahamians lets get back to these days and old values. Youths of the Bahamas i cry out to you to listen to your elders, the negative paths that you seem to be following will only lead to your detriment. There is never a long lesting happiness in crime; but there is always eternal happiness in LOVE and respect for your fellow man or woman.

  2. Just wondering if the killer regret his actions now. What were they arguing or fighting about? It doesn’t matter now, the damage have been done. So much anger!

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