Dames, Moxey and Heastie knows nothing about finance – much less BPL


When you see Minnis and his spokespersons speaking, you just know they all LYING! 

Moxey, Dames and Heastie

NASSAU| It amazes BP to see Candia Dames still trying to put pen to paper to comment on matters which she knows absolutely nothing about. And what is happening to the NASSAU GUARDIAN’s178-year-old institution speaks volumes to the state of media in the country. 

Not only is editor Dames not knowledgeable or cognizant about financial matters facing BPL, but the two rejects giving her false information on BPL, namely the former Chairman and Minnis’ cousin, Donovan Moxey, and Whitney Heastie leaves her commentary empty.  Firstly, they all don’t know what a hedge fund looks like if it was as big as Christ Church Cathedral. 

In fact, Dames, Moxey, and Heastie are no experts in the power business and them speaking to or referring to financial matters is like someone asking Oscar the Grouch about cleanliness!

They know absolutely nothing about Financial matters and stand lost on the matters pertaining to BPL hedge fund situation! PERIOD!

BPL’s statement yesterday evening was clear: “The hedge was never intended to cover the entire supply. It was only intended to cover a portion of the volumes forecast, which BPL continues to generate savings from.

“Due to external factors, such as the Clifton Plant Fire in 2018, and issues with the rollout of the Wärtsilä engines, the more affordable fuel could not be used in the amounts anticipated. As a result, costs ran higher than projected.

“Consequently, while the hedge remains in place, it has not delivered the savings initially projected.”
And so what we have here? The claimed hedging strategy, which is the new lie being churned on the Davis Administration by the trio, is not, and cannot ever be, a plan to lower the cost of electricity for consumers. The instrument used to bargain fuel costs cannot be a solution to lowering costs for customers. 

A real plan to lower the cost of electricity for BPL customers is to reduce BPL’s dependency on fossil fuels. Cutting the use of expensive fuel to more alternative sources of energy (solar farms, wind, hydroelectric systems,) is the best way the world is now moving and is the direction the DAVIS GOVERNMENT is taking the Bahamian people in the coming years. 

To reduce the dependency on fuel and setting up the instruments to benefit from carbon credits will lessen the burden on taxpayers. This transition – like not buying heavy gasoline generators – will deliver huge results in lowering the cost of electricity to consumers. But we all know what this row is about.

It is a larger plan by some to slow this New Day Direction to better the lives of Bahamians in the long term. Remember now, these same people, Moxey, Heastie and now Candia Dames, had four solid years to move us in the right direction.

They, with Minnis, bought gas-guzzlers over the options of alternative, reliable, safe clean energy solutions. 

Today Former Ousted PM Minnis could not help but join in the narrative of lies being told about BPL. Just remember, though, when you see Minnis speaking: JUST KNOW HE LYING! 

We report yinner decide!