Davis begins to set up his Government on DAY ONE! Could Colin Higgs be tipped as the INCOMING SECRETARY TO THE CABINET?

Philip Brave Davis Q.C
Colin Higgs

NASSAU| Ready to govern on day one Prime Minister The Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C. will appoint a New Secretary to the Cabinet to push his ambitious agenda.

Sources deep inside are now confirming an aggressive push to quickly get the government moving forward has begun. 

Ready on Day One Davis was sworn-in and Deputy PM I Chester Cooper is already seated at the Cabinet Table.

It will not be business as usual as Davis is known for his serious, strong work ethic, focus discipline and having a powerful competence and clarity of the law. 

Names like Colin Higgs, a career civil servant, who guided the decisions of Davis while in Works, is being whispered as a top pick to become the Cabinet Secretary.

“Mr. Davis will surround himself with a team he knows will excerpt the quality skills in this urgent hour of crisis across the country. 

“It is no question by far that the crisis unfolding in Health with the pandemic, the urgent need to address Grand Bahama and Abaco since Dorian, and the growing financial crisis now upon us requires urgent, aggressive attention to all at the same time. We should all expect an ambitious to meet the needs of people of which Mr Davis has always made his focus.

“Davis has two trusted former Prime Ministers and leaders from around the world who for years have become mentors in his rise in public service. These collectively will be a benefit to his administration in growing and expanding the economy of the Bahamas,” a source told BP.

Meanwhile, Financial Secretary Simon Wilson was back on the job on day one to resume his responsibilities in Finance. The former Government removed Mr. Wilson, dispite his broad competence, from watching the books back in 2017 and four and a half years later more than $4.5 billion have been wasted and vanished with nothing to show where it went!

We report yinner decide!