Davis Government dismantles media by hiring personalities in the field…


Our New anchor heads to Foreign Affairs and Black heads to Canada…

Nahaja Black
Kyle Walkine and Megan Shepard

NASSAU| PLP insiders tell BP the New Day Government has hired Kyle Walkine to take up a post deep inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Director of Public Affairs and Communications.

Walkine left his good job as a News Anchor at Our News to take up his new role.

Our News has since hired former ZNS Grand Bahama anchor Megan Shepard to fill the job.

The Davis Government is busy dismantling media personalities all throughout the country.

BP confirmed how the New Day has hired Nahaja Black to be the second in command inside the Missions office in Canada. The Government also hired popular news anchor Clint Watson to head up the Communication Division inside the OPM forcing Eyewitness News viewing audience to crash, slipping from thousands to just couple hundred viewers a night. WHAT IS DIS?!

Meanwhile the Mighty Punch is no more!

BP remains the one stable, and powerful news leader in the country…but guess what? We going on one long long break…

See ya!

We report yinner decide!