Davis meet with young investors in the community…

Mr Philip Brave Davis and Ramon on discussion about business.

First stop: PrimeTime Lounge on St. Albans Drive in Nassau.

Ramon, the owner, started this restaurant and it became a real success story, especially with young Bahamians.

When COVID came to our shores, Ramon, like many others, applied for government assistance but didn’t receive anything. So he invested tens of thousands of his own earnings to adapt the restaurant for outdoor dining.

When the July reopening led to thousands of new COVID cases in The Bahamas, lockdowns and curfews followed and only curbside dining was allowed.

Ramon’s business, like so many, has taken a huge hit. He’s trying to hold on to his staff. The total lockdown is gone for this weekend, but what about the weekends to come?

There are only so many times he can adapt and hold on.What we need for Ramon and all Bahamians is a real plan to contain COVID. Small businesses can’t survive the uncertainty and the loosening and tightening of restrictions.

I’m calling for free, widespread testing and a comprehensive anti-COVID Action Plan, so we can have a real economic recovery.PrimeTime is open for now – so please visit them and enjoy the great food! #BahamianBusinessTour