Defence Force Officer shot and killed while attempting to break up a fight at nightclub…


Another Marine shot down by violent demonic thugs!

Marine Tino Deangelo Dorsette didn't have a chance!

Nassau, Bahamas — BREAKING NEWS coming out of the Faith Ave. area of New Providence confirms a Defence Force Officer has been shot and killed.

Details remain sketchy at the moment, but we understand the incident unfolded the officer who was Seaman, Tino Deangelo Dorsette, was a part-time security officer at the G-Spot bar in the area.

Just before 1:00am a fight broke out between several males inside a nightclub called the G-Spot.

Three of the males left the club and went outside threatening to return. Shortly afterward they returned and one of the men produced a handgun and fired several shots hitting the deceased to the upper left back and another male in his stomach and arm. Another male was also punched in the mouth.

The deceased succumbed at the scene and the other two males were transported to hospital where the gunshot victim remains in serious condition and the other male’s is injury is listed as stable.

Police are investigating.